[October 2015 – Elle] Song Joong Ki – Descendants of The Sun – Interview


Elle - Song Joong Ki (2)

Part 1

The reason you got bewitched by “Descendants of the Sun”… What surprised me when I read the script was how it was a sad story and good comradship combined with writer Kim Eun Sook’s sweet love story style. And I liked it that way. And there was also this strong humane vibe of writer Kim Eun Sook.

When we met through “Nice Guy”, you said “I didn’t believe it when writer Lee Kyung Hee gave me the script”. Have you ever thought you’d get to work with writer Kim Eun Sook? Not at all. As a fan, I watched many of her dramas, but I didn’t know I’d meet her one day. I thought I really didn’t match her style, so when I heard I was offered this role, I was very surprised. However, I met her a few times in a course of a few months and I realized we had many things in common. That’s why I anticipated working on this.

In our latest issue, Song Hye Kyo said in her interview [read it here] she apologized to you by saying “sorry that your first project right after spending 2 years in the army is with me. You should have worked with young and pretty people, so I’m sorry that of all people it’s me you have to work with”. How do the two of you work together? I saw that photo shoot. It was in Paris. If I dare to talk about how I work with Hye Kyo-nuna, I think we’re a good match. To the point the staff even tells us “this story must be a melo, aren’t you growing too?”. And here’s what Writer Kim Eun Sook tells me these days: “you need to date/date properly”.

Have you imagined you’d work with Song Hye Kyo one day? 5 or 6 months before I got discharged from the army, I received this role offer and I said I’d do it, and I heard Hye Kyo-nuna received the script after that. I strangely thought it would happen and I feel like it happened because I was really hoping it would. Writer Kim Eun Sook, Song Hye Kyo, none of them is prudish and we communicate well because I’m kind of like that too. It’s weird how we’re really a good match.

What’s the reason for people liking you? I don’t know. There must be various reasons, but I think it’s a good thing that I’m honest and I do everything with sincerity and there are people who acknowledge that. And my fans acknowledge it too. These are the causes I can come up with. However, it’s also about acting and I think the image people like isn’t only always good.

Are you wary of compliments? Yes, because I’m shy. I don’t konw if I must really do something about it. The staff members who know that keep teasing me these days when we are in a plane (smiles).

Do you trust what people say to you? I think I only trust what people I trust tell me. If you look from a number perspective, I think it’s in the middle. Not too much, not too little.

And you went on a “real” trip with these people you trust? (Jo) In Sung-hyung took me to Thailand as a discharge gift, and Lee Kwang Soo came along, so it was the three of us. Joo Hwan-hyung couldn’t come because he was filming “Oh My Ghostess”. To be honest, we did nothing fun, but I think it was strange how it was more exciting than if there had been women with us on this trip. It was the most exciting trip I had ever done. Because I was with the Prince of Asia and a very tall guy, we couldn’t go out, so we just stayed at our hotel. We swam, we had a drink during daytime as we really had long discussions.

Your name and Lee Kwang Soo’s are related keywords in search engines, so it seems like the two of you are inextricably assiocated to each other. I think we’re close because we have very different personalities. I’m totally straightforward and Kwang Soo always care about people’s feelings. If some people might have been hurt by this blunt side of mine when we work, Kwang Soo will embrace those I hurt. And there are times when I confront those who give him a hard time. That’s the kind of example I can take.

Our meeting today happened thanks to Kolon Sport. How does it feel to be selected as their model? It’s not empty words, when I say that I thought their ads were so beautiful every time I saw their TV commercials. That’s why I thought “I can make it beautiful too” when there were talks to be the brand’s model. I was a model once for a brand Kolon developed in the past. What’s funny is that the “Star Velo” [t/n: it’s a photo shoot/TV program that was broadcast on Elle TV about celebrities doing an eco travel by bike] shoot we did in Sydney was brought up as a reference. It seems that people enjoyed it. My fans liked it too. I look at it too sometimes. The memory I have is that there was no script and I had a lot of fun. My father owns the bike that was in this program. I think it would be nice to ride a bike and film with “Elle” one more time.

(there were 2 episodes, I think. You can find the 3 other cuts on youtube]

Where will be your next trip? For a personal trip, I’d like to go to Japan. I want my next trip for a project to be for a heartbreaking love story. I hope I will come across this type of project. Strangely enough, I like tear-jerking stories. “Descendants of the Sun” is a melo, but the tear-jerking style I’m talking about goes deeper than that. I mean, if you can say “Werewolf Boy” is an ardent love story unraveled through the boyish image I had and emotion, I want to portray a love story a bit more mature. You know how a certain type of acting can make people cry a lot. Telling stories like this and having people calling me “old young”, it’s something classic like this that I’m attracted to. I hope I will travel to such places.

What Kim Eun Sook said came to my mind. “Date properly”. I want to (smiles).

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