[November 2015 – Cosmopolitan] Kiko Mizuhara – Interview

Cosmo - Kiko

Is this your first time coming to the Yellow Sea?

Yes. I went to Jejus Island once, but it’s my first time coming to the Yellow Sea. Getting in the car and leaving Seoul just a little make it a charming place.

Once you debuted in Japan, you’ve also worked in London and Milan and now you’re well-known too in Korea as a model and an actress.

If I worried at first about how people would see me, I think now I have many thoughts like “if I do something like this, will it influence people?”, “what should I do to make people happy”. Getting to work in other countries broadened my horizons more than when I was working in Japan.

How did you start modelling? You were probably different from your friends when you were a teenage girl, so I’m curious to hear how you were back then.

I did a model contest, but I didn’t rank first. Even after I debuted, I didn’t get popular right away. I was able to go to school like my friends because I grew up while working a little, step by step. There are many models who get famous as soon as they debut and they can’t attend school. However, I think I was able to maintain a balance and didn’t miss out on both aspects.

After your debut as a model, you lived in Tokyo, right? Do you have a favorite place in Tokyo?

I like going for a ride. I like the freeways of Japan. Be it during the day or during the night, it’s very nice to be in the car and look at the scenery. I enjoy the view from the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. Speaking of Tokyo, Harakuju can’t be left out. It’s a place that makes me feel “I’m definitely in Tokyo”, it always makes my heart flutter.

How about Seoul? You said in our interview last year that you like Itaewon and seolleongtang [t/n: ox bone soup], right?

Seolleongtang, gopchang [t/n: chitterlings], dalkbal [t/n: chicken feet]… I really love everything to the point I go to Korean restaurants even when I’m in Japan. I like all Korean food that foreigners are usually reluctant to eat. Ah, and you know how in any restaurant in Korea, the ahjumeonies are also friendly and talk to you so openly, right? I really like this feeling.


Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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