[20151118 – Starnews] Jisoo – Interview


How do you feel now that “Sassy Go Go” is over?

I have mixed feelings. I feel empty because I said goodbye to the other actors after spending so much time with them. It was like being at training camp. Now that the drama is over, I fill up the empty space with text messages or by instant messaging them. It’s sad.

Jung Eun Ji, N (VIXX), Chae Soo Bin, Kim Min Ho, there were many actors in their 20’s. I think it must have made filming special too, compared to your previous drama “Angry Mom”.

I didn’t really know any of them at first. We didn’t meet that much before the first day of filming. The director said the actors had to get close real fast, so he created opportunities to make it happen before filming started. To be honest, once filming started, we grew closer because we saw each other every day. I miss all of them.

Do you have something you remember the most about “Sassy Go Go”?

First, I couldn’t go home. I kept filming without taking a break. And what I remember is cheerleading, although it was something I wasn’t familiar with. We started off without being close and back then, we just practiced without talking to each other. Afterward, we grew closer as we kept bumping into each other during practice. That was the meaning of being able to complete a move because we had to bring our energy together to do it. The drama symbolic was shown even better because we were in two different teams. It’s a drama meaningful to me.

Before broadcast started, the fact that idols like Jung Eun Ji, N and young actors would be in the drama were quite an issue, but the drama failed in terms of ratings. Aren’t you sad about the ratings?

The director told us not to worry about the ratings because our drama was against big productions like SBS “Six Flying Dragons” and MBC “Glamourous Temptation”. That’s why he said we should enjoy and have fun while filming. However, as an actor, I cannot not worry about the ratings of the dramas I’m in. The ratings were very unfortunate. It gave me strength whenever it would rise, even by just 0,1%.

What will you remember about “Sassy Go Go” which got those low ratings?

I don’t think the drama itself was bad. I think viewers actually related to this school setting dealing with the reality and the ideal in which teenagers live in and the worries they have. I also thought that I was attending an ideal school through this drama in which I acted things I never experienced when I was in school. I can’t use ratings to express what this drama means to me. Starting with the writer, the director, as well as making friends my age and working with sunbaes, I got to meet so many people. It’s not easy to become friends with the people you film with. That’s why it makes the drama even more meaningful to me.

Your charachter suffered from anger management issues. How is your personality in real life?

I used to be kind of hot-tempered too. I’m no longer like that. In the past, I would argue a lot with my mom over silly things. I was very regretful after we had an argument. I hated myself. I promised myself that I would never do it again. Getting angry at people you love is very foolish. If there are people like that, please think about the people you love.

There was a love triangle in the plot. Did you experience a love triangle when you were in school?

Love triangle… Well, I went to all-boy middle and high schools. I didn’t get the opportunity to be in a love triangle. Even now. I’m very not familiar with being friends with women. I was lucky because I become friends with girls like Eun Ji and Chae Soo Bin while filming this drama. Although it was difficult, I found out that I could also be friends with women.

In this drama and in your previous drama “Angry Mom”, you portrayed a teenager. Don’t you want to try play a man in his 20’s like you are? Do you think you can widen the range of the acting you can show?

I prefer roles of students, teenagers. I’m attracted to this kind of projects because I really like these roles. When I got the role this time, I thought to myself “will I be able to play it again?”, “won’t this be the last time?” because portraying a teenager from now on will be difficult for because I’m getting older.

You played with Baro (B1A4) in MBC drama “Angry Mom”, with Suho (EXO) in the movie “Glory Days”, and even with Jung Eun Ji and N in this drama. You worked with many idols. Do you have a special know-how?

I find it fascinating too! I realized that I’m coicidentally parternered up with idols in every project I do. It’s not because of something I do. It’s just fascinating.

Is there one of these idols you’d like to see again?

All of them, if the opportunity comes. If I were to choose just one person, it’s Suho-hyung. We filmed “Glory Days” together and he’s the one I became the closest with. Our views on acting are similar. Besides, Suho-hyung studied acting for a long time. That’s why I learned a lot from him. As we shot this movie together, I learned many things such as the human aspect od things and that helped me.

You were exceptionally loved by teen viewers. Please tell them a few words of support.

Studying is a good thing, but I hope you will do what makes you happy. That’s how I’m trying to live my life. To be honest, life is hard because our society makes teenagers invest everything into studying for an opaque future. I wish teenagers wouldn’t act this way. Our future is important, but the present is important too, so I hope you will be happy today.

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  1. kfangurl says:

    Ahhh! More Ji Soo!! 😀 You rock, Sunny!!! And how sad, that Sassy got low ratings – it’s such a cute little show! I’m halfway through it, and loving it. And, loving Ji Soo in it too, of course. How cute is it, that he’s still figuring out how to be friends with girls??? Tee hee. I’LL be your friend, Ji Soo! XD

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      I think many would volunteer to be his girl friend (and not girlfriend xD)

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