[First Look – Vol. 100] Go Joon Hee – Twinkle, my star – Interview

First Look - Go Jun Hee

Your filming schedule is packed, but you’re receiving a lot of love, so it must probably boosts your energy, right? (editor’s note: Because of the drama schedule, the photo shoot had to be re-scheduled. It almost fell through. This photo shoot was possible because she took an IV shot and displayed her fighting spirut after filming all night)

I’m on the set of [“She Was Pretty”] every day, so talking only with people I see all the time doesn’t really make me feel the reactions. Still, when I wonder if the drama is really doing well and the staff members say “the reactions are great”, it puts me a little bit at ease. To be honest, it’s the first time I’m really taking a shot at a romantic comedy. I was very worried because there were so many determined things that my character expressed in a direct way. I wanted Ha Ri to be a character women always find cool and like. It wasn’t that easy. When I chose this role, it’s because I was attracted to the friendship between the two female characters which isn’t a common thing to see in dramas. I liked how strong the ideal bond (Hwang) Jung Eum-unnie and I shared was. For this to come out well, I realized it wouldn’t happen if Ha Ri was only shown as the evil disrupter. I worked hard and really made efforts, so I’m filming with a happy heart because the reactions are good. It’s not just me. The other actors are also in high spirits, even if we film until dawn every day.

I think your chemestry with Hye Jin stood out more than with your male co-stars.

I was already friends with Jung Eum-unnie, so I was really at ease. I’m not the type to be good at something if I force myself to do it, so if it had been an actress I didn’t know at all, I would have looked very awkward trying to make it look like we’re close friends. It was nice because I didn’t have to force myself to be in tunes with her and I didn’t need time to get close with her. Before this drama, I worked with sunbaes who were much older than me. This time, it’s a new feeling for me to work with someone who is older than me only by one year and to work with young actors. Jung Eum-unnie has great stamina, her style is overflowing with energy and we have similar interests like fashion, so she also influences me a lot.

You have a great sense of fashion or style, so you’re always talked about. I was really expecting to see which image you would show this time because it’s an aspect you convey well to your characters.

In the synopsis, Ha Ri was written as a charismatic and beautiful girl. To be honest, I don’t really care or I’m not really picky about things like that. If anyting, I just give my opinion and follow along with the stylists whom I depend on and respect. When directors give me a role, it often happens that their priority is the fact that I have this stylish image. I think they want to direct me to bring life to the most stylish character. I guess it’s because I’m tall and that I have this city girl vibe that I ended up playing mostly these fancy and dashing characters. My regular roles were to be the daughter of a rich family who digs into the corruption in her family because she has a great sense of justice.

Don’t you feel sad or aren’t you worried that you only have this one-sided image? I think you must probably be thirsty for some change.

In the past, I also wanted to be the innocent and pure lead girl. I wanted to portray the Cinderella who successfully overcomes hardships and poverty. Or a character with only one outfit and no fashion sense or a simple girl from the countryside. I had this regret like “I want to show various sides and I can do it, so why don’t they make me?”. That’s why, even when I was interested in fashion, I didn’t attend fashion events in my early 20’s. I was totally reluctant to reveal this side of me. However, I coincidentally ended up filming a program called Onstyle. I personally enjoyed it and the viewers also supported me. I asked myself why I was so strict about it. There was no need for me to worry about forcing myself to change the image I already have and to wear clothes that don’t even match me. If the audience likes this sensual and stylish image of me, then going in that direction is the right thing to do. And since I enjoy it anyway, I must go out there and follow a direction that much more people will like too. That was the decision I made.

Indeed. There’s no really trend setter leader like you these days. The trendy aspect of the drama is because of you for the most part.

To be honest, it was not intentional and I never tell myself “I must show this” or “I must show that”. I never tried something like that. It’s just that I often try to worry about the style that would match my character and to be comfortable with what I usually like. And to be honest, when I was determined and was like “I must turn this into a trend”, I realized it never worked (haha). That’s what happened with my now trendy short hair look. At that time, I thought a short hair style would go well with this character which mostly wears an uniform, so I just cut my hair. And this became my “signature” look. Haha. As a woman, I like pretty things and as an actress, I want to show a good image too. I can only be thankful people like these things about me. I’m still fascinated when I’m in the car and see people with a similar hair style in the street. When I was in high school, I watched the movie “Phoenix” and I ran to the hair salon right after that to get the same hair style as the lead female character. Being someone whose image is something people want to follow or becoming the star of something, it makes my heart race and it’s a very thrilling feeling when I think about it.

You seem to be more at ease and to have more peace of mind than before. In the past, you seemed really nervous when you did an interview before starting filming a new project.

I’m very shy and I’m really stiff when I’m in front of people. The day before the press conference of a drama or a movie, I’m nervous as well as the people around me and even the PR staff. They wonder if I’ll be able to speak well the next day. Haha. That’s why I often hear that I’m a cold person. Filming different stuff like variety programs makes me feel ike it gives me some sense of familiarity. In real life, I’m really trying my best to be a funny person. I always want to make other people laugh and to convey positive energy. Even it’s the same story, when I look at people who can make the story funny, I’m quite jealous. I’ve always had this comic side inside of me, but it’s not that easy to express it well.

I read a previous interview you did and it seemed you suffered from growing pains for quite some time. Listening to you today makes me feel that you really found your inner balance.

Of course, I never had some specific intention and taking on challenges like this after turning 30 on January 1st was very hard. I had many thoughts like “what did you accomplish during your 20’s? You didn’t work hard, why did you rebel? You have a nice job, luck is on your side, is it immature to throw it all away?”. Although no one told me these things, I was self-accusing and I was in deep confusion. However, looking back now, I realize that I was lacking this feeling of urgency and I never fully enjoyed what I did. That’s why I set my mind straight. I’m trying to enjoy it and to be more serious about to take it one step at a time. Instead of trying to force myself to change something, I want to show you an image changing a little every time as I’m adjusting the style and the strengths that I have. I mean, I know I can’t suddenly become a multi-faceted actress like Jeon Do Yeon-sunbae. I’m trying not to worry about that.

I think your unique image will shine a little bit more through your own style once this drama over. I’m anticipating to see what you’ll do next.

I often welcome this moment when I feel that I’m enjoying what I’m doing while filming all day long. It’s not really exhausting because I’m enjoying it. As an actress, I want to have a little bit more of a strong approach. I have my own style, but I want my acting to be in the way that you can see me as my character and not as “Go Joon Hee”. One thing I’m secretly craving for is to try to portray a very reallistic love story next year. I mean, something that gets you weak in the knees like the movie “Love Forecast”. I believe that if I talk a lot about something, it will come true. It really does. That’s why I’m talking about it now. Haha.

First Look
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  1. kfangurl says:

    Aww, I really enjoyed her role in She Was Pretty! Happy for her, that she’s getting recognition through this role, despite not being the main lead actress. Also, she’s spot on about strong female friendships not being common in dramas – as an audience, we’ve been talking about that for a while, so it’s so refreshing to know that the actors themselves feel the same way! Great read, thanks as always, dear Sunny! 🙂

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