[December 2015 – Esquire] Yoon Kyun Sang – Interview


Actor Yoon Kyun San debuted in the drama “Faith” in 2012, but it was the role of Ki Jae Myung in “Pinocchio” that made his face known. In this drama, the character of Ki Jae Myung was good and evil because he ruthlessly brought a punishment turning him into a murderer for a father who had gotten wrongly accused and died but he turned into the nicest older brother in the world in front of his only one little brother whom he cared more about than himself. It can be expected from a rookie actor to struggle even if he focuses. As he crossed over the line between good and evil and and made it look natural, expectations were high. He couldn’t stop there. “The Time When We Were Not In Love” was his first melodrama. He portrayed Cha Seo Hoo, a confident and blunt pianist but who was a romantic lively guy in front of his love. He made flutter not only the heart of Ha Ji Won but also the hearts of many women, but he left in the end. He always stands on a line. It’s not easy to portray a multi-dimensional character. Especially for a rookie actor. However, he challenged himself again to the point he doesn’t seem to have worries. In the sageuk drama “Six Flying Dragons” telling the story of hope and success of six characters centered around prince Lee Bang Won who founded Joseon, he plays Warrior Moo Hyul. Moo Hyul is very different from all the characters he played. “Six Flying Dragons” is the prequel of the drama “Deep-Rooted Tree” made by the same team. That’s why “Six Flying Dragons” and “Deep-Rooted Tree” overlaps and this shows definitely with Moo Hyul.

Yoon Kyun Sang arrived earlier than the time we had scheluded. He was very different from the image I had imagined. On TV, he always seemed sad wherever he was and I thought darkness suit him better than brightness. However, he was actually lively and friendly. It was the image going with light. Seeing him smile with a face so small that it doesn’t match his tall height made him seem like a teenage boy who had lost his baby fat. I wondered if I didn’t judge him unfairly because I focused only on the odd shape of his eyes. On the contrary, his eyes seemed to be able to express various emotions. Seeing this chilly and cold gaze of an innocent-featured face reminded me of an actor. I asked him who his favorite actor was and his answer was the one I had imagined. “Park Hae Il-sunbaenim. He seems to joke around but he can suddenly give off this chilly vibe and I like that. I’m jealous of his acting and the mask he has allowing him to show various emotions.”

In “Deep-Rooted Tree”, Moo Yul was portrayed by actor Cho Jin Woong. It was a character that existed through its trustworthy appearance and its charisma. To my question if it didn’t that make the character more burdensome, he said it was fair that it did. “To be honest, I watched “Deep-Rooted Tree” and I became a fan of Cho Jin Woong-sunbaenim. That’s why it was even more burdensome for me. However, the Moo Yul of “Six Flying Dragons” is the young version of the Moo Yul we already know. It shows the process leading him to become the best warrior of Joseon. He couldn’t be the best from the beginning. Moo Yul is actually an innocent character. Behind the strong and massive image, he’s someone with a heart full of innoncence and sincerity about justice. He gets teased by Se Jong. The Moo Yul of now is the one before experiencing hardships. He’s really immature and fragile/sloppy. However, he changes gradually. He experiences many incidents and dilemmas. Each choice he makes makes him grow a little bit more as a person.” As his answer was able to make me see how he grew, I wondered if this role wasn’t the closest to who he was in real life. “I often hear that my eyes make me look like someone with a cold and dark personality. To be honest, my personality does have a cold side. I do have a dark side. I probably have a sharp and sensitive side when it comes to certain things, right? However, I think Moo Hyul is the closest to my regular image. I’m trying to get along with people, to laugh and have fun with my friends and live with a positive mindset”.

The more he talked, the more it showed in his gaze that he had a lot to show and there was a lot he wanted to show. I was curious to hear what he expected from 2016 after spending such a busy but a happy year. “I remember something I said in an interview after I had finished “Pinocchio”. It was around the same time last year. My answer was that I hoped I would look back at this year and have this “I lived to the fullest, I improved” feeling. It hasn’t been a full year yet, but I was productive because I feel like I got this feeling and spent a happy year. That’s why I want to have the same greed next year as well.”

An acting career that began because he liked the stage. The future of Yoon Kyun Sang who made his first step and started growing is beginning now. He said he will turn back into Warrior Moon Kyung because he had to film as soon as this interview would be over, but there was no sign of exhaustion or boredom in his gaze. In his odd eyes, appeared endless possibilities.

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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been following his work and think he’s very talented….really look forward to anything he’s in. I think he can be extraordinarily nuanced; a prodigy, perhaps.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      🙂 thank you for reading! I didn’t think people would be interested. It was a request from one of my very early Twitter followers, so it’s thanks to her 😀 I will keep a closer eye on his interviews from now on!

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