Internet musing #1: CL’s “Hello Bi+ches” + E-Paksa’s “Monkey Magic”

Hey everybody, I decided to try this new feature. “Internet Musing” is about the stuff I find on the internet and that gets me wondering why it’s there and why I actually spend time wondering why it is there. I mean, stuff like this makes me reevaluate my life (for 5 seconds). This is basically my randomness about the most random stuff.

Yesterday (December 11th), I read this “exclusive” article on Instiz while I was on my Twitter break. The title said “CL/E-Paksa mashup MV reaching 400,000 views… YG “we didn’t ask it to be removed”. And the article is basically on how the parody is getting views and there was s a rumor saying YGE asked it to be removed and a YGE representative said the agency never made such request.

I looked it up on Nate because I didn’t understand why the word “exclusive” was used just to talk about a parody video and why YGE would even bother. It turned out that only two or three media outlets mentioned it (without the “exclusive” part). So I read the comments on Instiz and the first comment was like “you respond well to stuff like this” and considering all the “lol” it got, I assumed it was a snarky comment about how YGE would comment on something like that but remains silent when it comes to big stuff. And that’s when I finally decided to click and watch.

The song is “Monkey Magic” released in 1996 by E-Paksa (Dr. Lee). It was a cover of the song “Monkey Magic” by Japanese rock band Godiego and was also used as music background for the game “Pump It Up”. I looked up the lyrics and it seemed that even Koreans aren’t sure what E-Paksa is saying (I mean, even SHINee sang it for SNL Korea and that one sentence of the lyrics was conveniently not shown). The ones that made more sense to me go: the monkey climbs up the tree/ sits while shaking its tails/ even in the new black night [<— this is the sentence that gets everybody confused)]/ the monkey disco dances and has fun/ Monkey magic, monkey magic

Titled “who covered CL MV with E-Paksa’s song hahaha”, the video was uploaded on December 4th. As of today, it is over 500,000 views. Some comments say it’s mean, others say it’s funny, joke about how E-Paksa was a musician ahead of his time or others say how some people who wouldn’t necessarily listen to CL might get intrigued and check out the original video. By the way, the SNL Korea skit with SHINee is about how this song got SHINee 100,000,000 views on youtube. I know, sometimes, how the media try to turn something small into an issue and they will randomly say “a representative”, “a source close to”, “an expert who wants to remain anonymous” to back up what the article is about. I don’t know if this was YGE media play, I don’t know if this was just netizens wanting to laugh, I don’t know if you can call the video offensive in this context with the dancers and all. All I know is that I sat there for 10 minutes asking myself all the questions above, wikipedia-ing (yeah, I was not THAT determined to get deep facts). I didn’t find the answers, but here I am the day after posting this article. Why? Because I’m just random like that.


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  1. I did this yesterday with Oh My Girl being detained at LAX! Ate some hours and i even wrote a letter to the BBC as i was annoyed. I’m not even an ‘Oh My Girl’ fan or whatever, it just captured my attention, thus I was curious so followed the trails, then I was annoyed. LOL.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      that OMG story was one weird story indeed.

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