15-Day Challenge

screencap by Kwon@dramajjang.wordpress.com

To say goodbye to 2015… Worst year of my life. But I’m so determined to turn things around. I was given a chance to live, so I better not waste it any longer. I will update this post every day with a new answer.

Taken from heckyeahtumblrchallenges

1) I am a person who tends to be __________ (and explain why you are like that)

To be too honest. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. However, people confuse this honesty for rudeness, for agressivity or for personal attacks when what I’m saying is just facts. Our society is based on pretending to be nice because when someone is wrong, you are not supposed to say they’re wrong, even if their mistake affects you in a bad way. And if you disagree with an opinion, that makes you a mean person… I must say I still don’t get how this logic works. However, I decided to just chill. As long as a situation doesn’t put me in danger, I will just sit back, sip my tea and focus on what’s truly important.

2) 5 things I like about myself (appearance)
My eyebrows
My ears
My feet
My hair
My waist

3) 10 things I like about myself (personality)
Hm… I don’t really like this question. I perceive myself a certain way, so I guess it doesn’t matter if it reflects reality or not. I’ll just write down 5.


These are the first words that came to my mind and I realize that all these words aren’t about me. They’re related to the way I try to be for people I care about… Oh well.

4) Complete: On a daily basis I __________

On a daily basis, I translate stuff from Korean to English or French. I’m so scared of losing everything I have studied, so I try to stay focused.

5) You won 2 plane tickets. Where would you go and who would you go with – why.

Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I’m from an island, I don’t like swimming in the sea. I don’t like swimming at all. I just enjoy sitting on the sand and watching the ocean, but really, I don’t like swimming at all. I understand how people who don’t live on an island can get excited to go on vacations in the Carribean or anywhere when they can go to the beach every day. That’s just not me. Howeverrrr, I’d really rrrrreally like to go to Hawaii because it seems to me that it’s an island with a strong cultural sense and I’d like to know more about that because their history is completely different from the Carribean history. I’d go with whoever who’d be willing to go with me on this journey.

6) 15 things you have in your room – why you have them.

A closet – for obvious reasons

A bed – for obvious reasons

A desk – for obvious reasons

A chair – for obvious reasons

Three bookcases – for obvious reasons (and they’re only for the current documents and books I need. I’d probably need like four or five more for all the books I’ve accumulated since high school alone)

Two big teddy bears – they’re both younger than me by one year. I luff them.

Does my laptop count? Because it’s either in my room or in the living room with me.

And that’s it. I use my room just to sleep and I always keep in mind that I might move to another place anyway. My books are already a headache to carry from one house to another, so I really don’t bother with buying stuff.

7) Complete: I am ________, but I would like to change it and be more ________.

I am a procrastinator, but I would like to change it and be more determined to stick to my schedule.

8) 3 things people don’t know about me.

I can’t speak Korean. I understand when people speak to me, but I can’t really make elaborate sentences when I speak. * le sigh *

I felt asleep while watching “Frozen”. I didn’t get the hype about this movie… I understand it’s this generation’s “Lion King” but no, I couldn’t.

I’ve never read a Twilight, Harry Potter book. Never watched any movie of the franchise either.

9) What is the thing you enjoy to do the most? Why?

Eating. For obvious reasons.

10) Complete: I care more about _______ than ________.

I care more about my family than myself.

11) Post a picture of you with 5 facts.


12) 1 thing you dislike about you.

Short attention pan whenever I’m not writing fictions.

13) Are you a negative or a positive person – explain.

Let’s say I rather see the glass half-empty than half-full. I’m trying to change, though. It’s very hard, but happiness starts with a positive mindset. That I’m sure of. So I hope to teach myself to see the good in the sad stuff.

14) 20 things you like to do before you die.

15) Do a mini bucket list.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. La parole est à moi et je veux dire beaucoup des choses mais j’ai perdu mon Francais! Quel malheur, où es tu mon Francais? Maintenant, je suis dans le jardin des larmes et c’ est très difficile. >.>

    La fille du soleil sunny lady lady sun will keep shining by turning things around and creating more food memories! *plays a gong on top of a mountain in the far distance | mid-tempo*

    Oddly enough and as far as honesty can get, it’s one of the most misunderstood things in the world while it shouldn’t because… HONESTY!!! The word says it all and so does sincerity in advance! People try to avoid the truth, especially when something goes wrong and if someone’s words bring the truth to the foreground it feels like trying to burst the bubble they live in. But yups, “as long as a situation doesn’t put me in danger, I will just sit back, sip my tea and focus on what’s truly important” is good for your own mental health!

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      your French looks just fine xD unless you used goole translator to write that. there would so much less headaches and problems if we were all honest and didn’t take things personal when it comes to serious matters, like would be easier. * sigh *

      1. Nope, only the “à” etc i got from the web! XD I remember a few things, especially words that i liked or were easy to recall and a few phrases, shouldn’t have stopped da lessons back then! Aish!
        Le sigh was spot on after your thoughts, but sadly, instead of making things much easier without headaches (and heartaches quelques fois) things get more complicated >.>

      2. 1sunnylady says:

        your random French is <33

  2. Found 5 my’s to like about sunny lady lady sun XD
    As for the 3rd question, I like the way you put it, “I realize that all these words aren’t about me. They’re related to the way I try to be for people I care about” but these words are for you, when you are yourself about people you care about 🙂 One doesn’t only define him/her-self according to the way he/she sees him/her-self, it’s also about the people we care about and interactions, especially when it comes to people we care the most, are an important aspect of what defines us. It always holds a part of ourselves, but it also holds a part of ourselves when it gets related to these few beloved people. So, yes, 5 more sunny lady lady sun oriented thingies! *claps hands* (i really did XD )

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