[December 2015 – Elle] Han Ye Seul – I Feel Red – Interview


Regardless of sex and gender, the words “you’re pretty” comes out so often that it would make a throat turn dry. Aren’t you bored of hearing this compliment? Hahaha.

It’s nice, no matter what. I like it. I really like it. It always feels nice every time I hear it and I’m sad if people don’t say it.

As you’re getting older, it’s not just about your looks. It’s also important to have a deep aura oozing from within.

Indeed. Having a moment giving me a sense of existence is better than hearing the words “you’re pretty”. First of all, I have my job [t/n: or she could mean that she goes through her own experiences in life], I have clear opinions and convictions. It’s the self-confidence that doesn’t waver from outside attacks.

Do you really put these words into action?

Yes. I’m trying my best to always have a bright attitude and be sincere in every moment.

We hear more the words “well-aging” than “anti-aging” these days. It’s the meaning of “let’s be our age in a natural and wiseful way”.

I agree. As long as it could happen, anti-aging would be good. Hahaha. It’s impossible, so might as well go for “well aging”.

Do you have moments when you’re depressed, even with such a bright personality? How do you overcome it?
First of all, working out. When I exercise to the point I feel my heart is about to explode and I’m all in sweat, that’s how I relieve the stress. Or I stay at home by myself and watch movies I like all day. I do absolutely nothing. Ah, I may not wash my face, but I do apply some lotion because my face feels tight! And I eat a lot of junk food.

Let’s do some beauty talk. There are so many things I’m curious about.
Oh, I don’t have much things to say. I’m in trouble.

How do you feel about being a Chanel beauty muse?
No word can’t express how happy I was. Classic, modern, young, cool… It’s a brand that can express any of these words, and if you’re a woman, it’s a brand you can’t refuse.

The “lipstick selca” you uploaded on Instagram was a hot issue. Haha. I uploaded it because I wanted to show off a little because I was so happy that I had become their model.

Is there something you do for your health these days? I don’t like water. I try to drink bluberry juice instead or aronia juice. I wake up in the morning and I drink this instead of water to wake up my body. I also take some vitamins.

Are you the type to be obsessed about your health? Or do you take things easy when it comes to your health? It comes and goes. When I want to go crazy, I go for it, then when I feel like it’s a bit too extreme, I eat healthy food and exercise hard. When I think that I’m better, I go crazy again. If I put on weight after eating samgyeopsal and junk food, my mind gets a wake up call. Haha.

You really have nice skin. Your skin care secret? Hm…(silent)

Haha. Your genes play a huge part, I guess? Ryeo Won and you held an intimate interview two months ago and you honestly said that you just take after your mom’s good genes.
Ah, you’re right. Ryeo Won is really gifted. And she’s not the type to make a big deal out of things either. In my case, I don’t have specific skin problem, but my skin is really dry. I can easily get fine wrinkles, so I use oils or moisturizers to maintain my skin hydrated. That’s why the Sublimage Line is my favorite from Chanel products.

Are you good at doing your own makeup? Yes, I’m good. An effective approach because it’s simple. I don’t like when the skin texture is really apparent. I use the Chanel Vita Lumiere Compact. I apply it “ppang ppang ppang” and when I go out, people ask me what I apply on my skin. And liner, mascara, lips… I’m usually strong on the eye makeup and I go for something natural for my lips.

Special care a few days before a special day like a red carpet event?
I exercise the day before. I do much more aerobic exercises than muscles exercises. When I go high-level aerobic exercises, it can has the same effect as muscles exercises. When you sweat, your pores open up and you eliminate the waste while it also stimulates your blood circulation. I guess we can talk about some “blood pump” feeling? It gives tight elasticity to skin. When I monitor myself after shooting a scene, there’s a clear difference because my skin complexion looks different.

Makeup look you cling on to?
Ah, people around me tell me to go for a makeup look a bit more natural. I often hear “isn’t it a bit too much?”. However, I like dramatic and fierce makeup.

You’re pretty no matter what.
No. To be honest, a lot of women enjoy the obedient, pure and innocent look men like. I don’t want to be like that. If you go for that look, you might lose your own style, the one inherent to yourself. I find my freedom in this aspect.

Do you adujst what you eat? Your manager said not to worry because you eat everything.
Well, I’m not the type to be strict about what I eat. That doesn’t mean I blindly eat just anything, though. Let’s say that if I want to eat a lot, I don’t refrain myself? You know, there are days when nothing tastes good. In moments like this, I eat salad, I eat only raw food, so it’s some kind of detox for me.

It’s December. Do you have plans for the end of the year?
Drama filming will tie me down. Still, I wonder if there won’t be some kind of event? I don’t have expectation because my schedule is packed with drama shooting. If I do get some free time, I’ll probably be tired, so I will probably just sleep.

Elle (1, 2)
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