[December 2015 – Cosmopolitan] Sung Joon & Han Ye Seul – Interview

Korea’s rom-com queen and the heartwarming guy who makes women’s heart flutter finally met in jTBC “Madam Antoine”. It’s enough of a reason to create big expectations. Looking at your couple shots while doing the photo shoot makes me like it even more. You respectively play a charlatan psychic and a therapist with prestige. What did you think the first time you read the script?

Han Ye Seul I had a lot of fun. As an actress, I was sure that portraying a character like Go Hye Rim would be something I’d enjoy a lot. The dialogues and the story were fun/interesting too, but the character of Hye Rim itself has diverse charms, and it’s the type of character that any actor would want to play.

Sung Joon The script itself also gave me a good feeling too. I enjoyed it. The story itself was good and I guess I can say each line was nicely put? I really read it easily.

“Madam Antoine” is an omnibus story with different love storylines. You’re still in the early phase of filming, but I think it was an opportunity to learn more about the definition of love and wonder “what is love for me?”.

Han Ye Seul I got sure once again that love is what gives one a reason to live. It’s also said in the dialogues. At the end of the day, we all live and make efforts in order to be loved. The desire to be pretty, the desire to earn a lot of money, the desire to succeed, the desire to be healthy and live for a very long time, it’s all because we want to be with someone to love and to get love from. And I’d even talk about how we want to be acknowledged by people we don’t even know? I think it’s the reason of our existence, as human beings.

Sung Joon As for me, I don’t know if it will sound strange, but I think love is something that makes me tired and gives me a hard time. When I look back, everything that really gave me a hard time was things I love. When I don’t care about something, it doesn’t hurt me and it can’t give me a hard time, right? It’s a bit weird to say that love for me is when I realize that I’m having a hard time because of someone or something, right?

So, on a professional level, what is “love”? For the rom-com genre, it’s a matter of conveying well how much delicate feelings change. As an actor, when you must “portray” love, how do you get into character?

Han Ye Seul I set up my own virtual world. I become the character living in this world. It’s not about Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon falling in love. It’s about Go Hye Rim and Choi Soo Hyun falling in love. It’s like playing dolls. When I was a child and played with dolls, I was totally into this virtual world I created. It’s exactly the same thing.

Sung Joon This goes for reality, this goes for dramas. There’s almost no case of falling in love for no reason, right? So I’m trying to find these clues, I’m trying to express the feeling of the moment, the emotion of the situation.

In real life, the “charm” someone has is an important factor when you fall in love with this person. One could say that it’s about “everything”. What do you think people from the opposite sex find charming about you?

Han Ye Seul My charm? I have so many of them, what should I do? Haha. I have a lively personality. The type of energy to put the other person in a good mood?

Sung Joon Hm… Some people say they like me because they can’t know what I think. When I ask them why they like me, I usually hear the answer “I don’t know”. I’m the type to always be honest with anyone, so why do they say they can’t know what I think?

So what do you think is your partner’s charm?

Han Ye Seul Sung Joon is so full of charm! First of all, he has a classic style. And I should say there’s this sense of heaviness? He seems to be deep and I feel like his personality itself is about being focused and he’s deep. I think this is what comes out when he acts.

Sung Joon Han Ye Seul is really a bright person. To the point that it makes people around her also bright. And she doesn’t spare any ounce of this bright energy. Her being honest/sincere is a big charm.

I read the synopsis and there was the personality type test “MBTI”. So I was wondering which result you would get. Do you know what it is?

Sung Joon I remember I had fun taking the MBTI test. I think my result was INTP. The snarky analyst type. I’m mostly cool-headed, but there are many times when I easily have fun. Most of times, it’s about things I like, though. What I don’t like are things I don’t really know and I’m not particularly interested in.

Han Ye Seul The result came out different every time for me! So I thought about it. Wasn’t it complicated to be defined in one word for me because I couldn’t give one straight answer to a question or because I have a personality with too various sides? Haha. As an actress, as I get to portray various roles, I think I don’t have just one image and it actually gives me a new image each time. And there’s also the fact that I’m changing as I’m getting older. Well, if we look at who were in the past, isn’t there this moment that we approach our old self as if it were someone we don’t know? It’s the feeling that this was clearly me, but it doesn’t feel like it is. My image now is clearly different from the one I had in my 20’s and when I’m in my 40’s and I look back to the one I was in my 30’s, I don’t know either if I’ll go “this was me? No way!”.

You’re right. Time is the biggest factor that makes me people change. So do you believe love can change people too? To be honest, here’s what we always say here at Cosmo. “Believing that love can change someone can also be an illusion”.

Sung Joon I believe so, too. Like Han Ye Seul just said, I always thought the same. The person I was when I was 5, the person I was when I was 15, or even the person I was when I was 20 are all very different from the person I am right now. I wonder if meeting these people whom I loved isn’t what creates such changes. Of course, circumstances will make me change too. However, at the end of the day, circumstances are also caused by people, right? Change isn’t when someone says “I will throw you away”, but I realized that change is happening as I’m seeing this person.

Han Ye Seul On the contrary, I think who I am fundamentally doesn’t change. However, I think someone can make efforts to change when love is involved. You will make efforts to change a lot for this love to grow big, won’t you? I want to become someone better. Someone who knows how take care and makes sacrifices for the other person because love is about wanting to be with this person even if it kills my own nature at some extent.

Out of curiosity, which kind of lead character would you like to become and in which kind of love story?

Han Ye Seul An innocent and sincere love. The innocent love I’m talking about isn’t “innocent” like a kid-like love. It’s a love with absolutely no filter and that allows you to reveal your feelings and what’s inside your heart. The love that allows me to show myself, to show the feelings I have, the honest side of me in an extreme way. The image of me I don’t want other people to see because it would make me feel small. Just showing him who I am and even the side of me who is lacking. The love that would make him say “deal!” even if I say “this is the type of person I am” and I show it to him. I think it’s nice.

Sung Joon I dream of a very ordinary romance , but I don’t know if it’s possible. Having a neighborhood friend, a friend I work half-time with, a friend I have joked around with and then falling in love with this person. Haha. Well, something like that does exist, right? I want to become the lead character of a love story like that.

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