[January 2016 – Cosmopolitan] Lee Sang Yoon – Interview [part 2]


You’re well-mannered, but you don’t seem to be the type who opens up his heart easily to anyone.

You’re right. I’m the type to open my heart with people I’ve known for a long time. I mostly meet the friends I made when I was in high school. We’ve been friends for such a long time that we’re comfortable. Among celebrities, I often contact Song Chang Ui and Lee Sang Woo. I met them through the drama “Life is Beautiful” and that’s how we became friends. I can’t meet Song Chang Ui-hyung often because our filming schedules don’t match most of the time, but I meet Lee Sang Woo-hyung once in a while. I’ve become friends with Shin Sung Rok through basketball.

This goes for your physical appearance too, but you really have a strong “square” image. It’s probably burdensome to have the feeling that you must maintain this image.

I’m not like that in my daily life anyway. This image is just my fictional image. It’s just that I played harworking, faithful, nice, thorough characters. My real-life image is a bit different from that. I’m much more careless and I make more mistakes than you would think. People say I have the image of the perfect son mothers would want to have, but I’m sorry toward my parents every time I hear that. I was a bad son who didn’t listen to what he was told, who was stubborn and who didn’t help his parents at home.

I see. Seeing you upclose, your determination/stubborness shows.

I’m very determined. Ten years ago, when I told my father I would get into acting and he gave me the permission, he told me not to go all in and to allow myself to do a different job at any time. However, I said that if I was going into acting with this mindset, I would never be able to be an actor because I thought acting was about being real or not, even at the risk of my life. That’s why I didn’t change my motivation and here I am today.

These days, it’s a given that celebrities use the internet to interact with their fans all around the world, but you still don’t have a social media account?

To be honest, I don’t think sharing my daily life is something for me. I’m not the kind to take pictures often. I want to meet fans the most through various projects and interacting with fans within this limit is good. To be honest, the biggest reason is also that I’m shy.

Do you have no desire to advance overseas?

I’m in contact with Chinese fans through my Korean fanclub. Since this liking about China happened, the desire to advance over there came naturally. There’s still no precise plan, but I heard the dramas “Angel Eyes” and “Twenty Again” were popular in China, so why wouldn’t it happen? To be honest, my personal ambition is to advance in Hollywood. If so, language is the most important thing, so I’m trying to study English real hard. It’s still a vague dream, but I’m planning to prepare properly because if I want to give it a try, I must try properly.

By the way, do you live alone? How long have you been living on your own?

Three years. My home is… the view is really beautiful. When I turn off the lights and look at the scenery by myself, I really feel good. A few months ago, I was a temporary DJ for an SBS Radio program. This mood I get from being into the music, this is the good feeling I get when I come home. I used to keep listening to music even in the car on my way home, I used to listen to music even at home and it made me appreciate the view even more. It’s not easy for the lingering feeling to go away.

Many female celebrities choose you as their ideal type. Did you know that? So what is your ideal type?

I hear it once in a while, but why no one asks me out? Haha. It might be because I feel like being in my mid-30’s is the time to get married, but what I’ve been on my mind these days is that it’s the person who can become the mother of my child. What stands out for me is someone who acts like an adult but whose caring sense or protectiveness come out when she’s with her friends. I think someone like this will be more difficult to find as time goes by.

You don’t seem to be easy to approach. You probably have almost no “yeo-sa-chin” [t/n: it’s a female friend, but romantic feelings aren’t involved], right?

You’re right. I can’t really be a friend, a oppa, or a little brother to women. That’s why I have almost no female friend in my close entourage. If there were someone like this, the relationship would probably become ambiguous and it would probably be awkward because it’s awkward to maintain a cool relationship.

2016 is here. Are you making plans for this year?

I want to show a new and improved image of myself through new projects. I’m getting many various offers these days, so I wonder if I won’t even get more opportunities to try different kind of roles in the future. I hope it will start with the mystery thriller movie “Come See Me” which will premiere early this year.


Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


10 Comments Add yours

  1. HSY says:

    thank you so much thesunnytown for the translation.. πŸ™‚

  2. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for sharing with many faithful fans of Sang YoonπŸ‘

  3. kfangurl says:

    Lee Sang Yoon!!! ❀ I do love that clean-cut boy-next-door image of his, and it amuses me that he's not quite like that in real life. It's so cute that he feels bad towards his parents every time he hears that he's the ideal son.. I think he's probably a better son than he thinks, if he's able to think like that! πŸ˜‰

    I find it so endearing that he's the shy type.. And everything he says about marriage and what he looks for in a life partner are things that I can practically hear him say, in my head. It's so him, somehow.

    Thanks Sunny once again, for a lovely read. Always a treat, to be able to read interviews and see what the actors have to say, beyond seeing them in their roles. πŸ™‚

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Dimples!! If he ever stars in a romcom with Shim Minah, they cannot not be called the Dimple couple.

      1. kfangurl says:

        Haha! WORD. XD

  4. maulidhappt says:

    uh he is the shy type ❀ so cute

    anyway.. "I hear it once in a while, but why no one asks me out? Haha." LET ME ASK YOU OUT OPPA /cries/

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pls marry hye sun

    1. Yourbiggestfan says:

      Yeah you’re both good together! Hye Sun is known to be loyal & caring to her friends. She loves kids too, her charities are mostly for kids, elderly & disabled. Such a big heart! She doesn’t believe in male-woman in friendly terms bec she feels awkward too, like you. So there you are Sang Yoon, don’t look further! πŸ™‚

      1. I can only agree with you.
        I hope they see this from reel to real.
        Angel Eyes WanJoo Couple still the best.

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