[January 2016 – Allure] Park So Dam – Interview

2015 was an eventful year, wasn’t it? What have you been up to these days?

Once I graduated, I worked for about 2 years without taking a break, so I’m currently resting a little. Starting from next week, I will start rehearsing for the play “Let Me In”.

There are barely 2 months left until the performance. Did you already enjoy the movie?

To be honest, I watched the movie after I saw the audition notice for the play. I thought it was a heartwarming story. It was heartbreaking to watch this mysterious and bright girl turning into a vampire.

I remembered you after I watched “The Silenced”. It reminded me of the girls high school ghost story. The fact that it was about a detailed and special line of emotions in a closed space that is a girls high school.

I also found the line of emotions interesting. I have played in 15 short movies and, except for one, I always portrayed a high school girl. I did think that I wanted to stop wearing this school uniform, but I ended up being interested by this story taking place at that age. The reason of such behavior, stuff like that can also be a bit cute sometimes.

I don’t know if characters like this can be portrayed well the older the actor gets.

I went to an all-girl high school. Some people ask me if “The Silenced” operates on a homosexual code, but jealousy isn’t a feeling that exists only between two lovers. Small stuff like “you’re taking sticker pictures with her, why don’t you take sticker pictures with me?” can be upsetting and fighting like is common between girls at this age.

You must have been in a special mood the first time you went to the set of a full-length film.

It was for “Veteran”. Although I had no line to say, I was very nervous. After I finished filming, the director gave me a cake and told me I did a good job and he hoped I would keep making constant efforts. On my way home, I felt like my hands and my heart were a bit heavier.

You were nominated at the Grand Bell Awards and at the Blue Dragon Awards, but you didn’t win. Weren’t you sad?

It would have been awesome to receive these awards! Still, as the awards ceremony was getting closer, here’s what Kim Yoon Suk-sunbaenim told me at the “Priests” presentation stage. “So Dam-ah, awards aren’t that important. What’s more important is how you will build your career.” I think he told me this because he wondered if not getting these awards would hurt me.

On the contrary, people around you were quite worried!

My parents also told me not to be sad if I didn’t get the awards. I didn’t feel like I’d be sad if I didn’t win. The outcome of the projects I’ve been doing for the past 2 years all came out this year and much more people recognize me. However, Yoon Suk-sunbaenim told me this. “Still, you never know what might happen, so just care about doing a good job!”.

What did you think when you watched “The Priests”? To be honest, I was surprised. I thought we’d see more of the bright and pretty Young Shin before she gets possessed.

Many people said they were scared. However, the filming set was so lively that I didn’t really realize it even when I was monitoring myself. I got special makeup, I was tied up to a bed and all these situations were filmed through various angles.

It must have been hard to figure out how to act because there are no movies like this in Korea.

Toward the end of the movie, there’s the line “Yeong Shin, you did it all” and I worked really hard to get it right. Speaking Chinese, Russian, the lion roar, the dog bark, I think I rehearsed for three months just to speak those foreign languages and to train my voice.

In the drama “Because It’s The First Time”, you also showed us a daily-life acting.

It was my first time playing a character that was realistic and joyful. Filming was really a lot of fun and since the story was about people in their 20’s, there were many things I couldn’t do. I want to play in a melo with a little bit more of maturity next time.

You’re talking about a “mature melo acting”… Can you give us a movie as an example?

I really like the movie “The Scent of Love”. Back when I was in school, I used this movie as a reference when I had to show sad acting. I watched it again not long ago, and I definitely enjoyed it. As I was watching Jang Jin Young-sunbaenim, I thought that being an actress was really a great job. She left this world, but the fact that she can become a memory as we watch this beautiful image of her that remains… It’s heartbreaking, though.

Would you like to play a role like the male lead portrayed by Park Hae Il?

Yes. A frank and sincere behavior. Even if it’s a role for men, I’d like to try it.

Do you enjoy dating this type of men too?

It’s nice. Being able to be honest with each other.

Have you ever confessed your feelings first?

If I like someone, I keep giving them signals. I’m told my feelings just show.

Young actors who graduated from Korea National University of Arts stand out. Have you always thought about being an actress?

I really started getting serious about acting in the winter of my second year of high school. I got rejected from five schools I had applied to through nonscheduled admissions. I cried every day, and the first school where I applied during the regular application time was my current school.

There are probably many stories you can share with your colleagues, your sunbaes, your hoobaes, your friends. What do you mostly talk about? Do you all have many worries?

I think I have no friend who doesn’t go through a hard time. It’s a path we choose, but it’s a hard one and that’s why we may take it out on our family. Sometimes, I receive phone calls from my friends crying and saying “I shouldn’t be like this to my mom, but I’m so upset”. And there’s something that we know. The fact that we’re friends but we’re also competing against each other. Because of that, they said they often feel they’re alone. And I hope we can compete with each other in good faith.

When you said you’d become an actress, weren’t your parents against it?

A lot. They said they thought acting was far from our genes.

They must be very happy right now.

I nearly cried when my father gave me the thumbs up at the VIP premiere. Now they say that they’re happy because I’m doing a job I enjoy.

Do you feel how people around you react differently?

What comes to my mind was when I walked on the red carpet for the first time at the BIFF. I felt that it was a long walk, but hearing people shout my name made the stress go away. I read comments a lot. I still don’t know how people perceive me.

You mean you personally check the comments?

To be honest, it’s more about what my entourage tells me. If there are good comments, they let me know. Ah, there’s something my friends often tell me.

What is it?

Wasn’t it a good thing that you didn’t do the double eyelid surgery? Haha. It’s fortunate that the “monolid eyes” era came faster than I thought.


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  1. kfangurl says:

    Gosh, I’m SO GLAD she didn’t get eyelid surgery!!! Her look is so unique it makes her stand out from the crowd. Plus, I think she’s lovely and very pretty just the way she is. Loved her in Because It’s The First Time, and looking forward to seeing more of her on my screen. Don’t think I’ll watch The Priests tho.. it sounds a little too scary for my taste! :O

    Thanks for a lovely read, Sunny! ❤

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      she’s so pretty indeed! and she’s rocking the short haircut too. I think it’s good she did it so early in her career, so producers can see she’s a chameleon.

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