Cute Twitter Moment – Kim Hyo Jin and Yoo Ji Tae (part 2)

I hadn’t done a cute Twitter moment in a while. So, here we go Kim Hyo Jin and Yoo Ji Tae part 2. With Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK and Jung Hye Young and Sean, they’re in my top 3. No specific order, though.

I don’t know why the Instagram code won’t show for me to post it. Anyway! So on February 3rd, she posted this set of pictures (the one here, not the one above which was posted like 6 months ago) with her husband.

Kim Hyo Jin et Yoo Ji Tae (3)

The caption says: “after going to the opening of muse neuf, a date which is something we haven’t done in a while ❤️🍀 Joking around #Myexpressionwhattodo”

I need Yoo Ji Tae back on my screen, though. I’m having some “Healer” withdrawal. Shameless promo. Check out my oneshot crossover with “IRIS”, “Dr. Frost” and “Angry Mom” . I was shipping Moon Ho and Dae Yong. The last scene they had together, I saw the chemistry and how he was fascinated by her. And you can also check his December Instyle itw I translated.

Have a fluffy weekend, y’all
Pictures @ hyojin_05


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  1. maulidhappt says:

    yoo jitae! ❤ I loved healer, but i dont get to watch yoo jitae in his other dramas, but this is so cute<3

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