[September 2015 – Cosmopolitan] “Reply 1988” Ko Kyung Pyo & Ryu Hye Young – Interview

You are currently building a specific filmography. You’re friends as you’re watching each other’s work, but is there a role the other played that left you in awe?

Kyung Pyo: Young Ja in the movie “Ingtooki” was a role that no one but Hye Young could have done. Especially the scene where she kicks the sandbag with her foot! I knew she had practiced boxing a lot, but she was really good. And there’s also the scene at the end when she does the internet broadcast and flours the room, I think the scene wouldn’t have come out so well if it had been another actress.
Hye Young: For me, it’s the “Escape” segment in “Horror Stories 2” in which Kyung Pyo played the lead character. Kyung Pyo was filming several projects at the same time back then. Seeing how he was going through such a packed schedule and he still managed to get into the role, this was an awesome image. I watched the complete movie, and he really showed the perfect “Go Byung Shin”.

Which image makes you think “this is so Ryu Hye Young, this si so Ko Kyung Pyo”?

Kyung Pyo: Seeing her as the wild yet friendly girl in “My Dictator” and her image with an androgyneous charm in “Ingtooki” really made me think “this is like Hye Young”. This often happens in other movies too.
Hye Young: I also feel that the character is like Kyung Pyo in every moment.

Even if there’s a director who hadn’t worked with Ryu Hye Young before, I think there’s no director you didn’t work with just one time. You worked three times with “Ingtooki” director Uhm Tae Hwa and you became acquainted with “My Dictator” director Lee Hae Joon by playing stand-in when the “Castaway on the moon” poster photo shoot happened ?

Kyung Pyo: You cannot not like her. When you talk to an actress, you must be careful somehow, but Hye Young is really easygoing. And there’s something Hye Young said in the past that became my life principle.
Hye Young: Is there something like that?
Kyung Pyo: Yeah. Hye Young was asked “what kind of actress do you want to become” and here’s what she answered. “I hope more to become happy than to become some kind of actress”. It was a time of my life when I talked a lot about wrapping my acting career. Hearing these words gave me a wake-up call. After that, my goal was to become a happy Ko Kyung Pyo.

What do yo usually talk about when the two of you meet? Do you seek acting advice for a role?

Hye Young: Most of my discussions with Kyung Pyo are about our dreams and our fututre. Are we idealists?
Kyung Pyo: We talk about stuff like “when do you go on a trip? it would be a lot of fun to travel together!”. Regardless if it comes to true or not, it still makes me really happy. I believe it will come true one day.
Hye Young: Ah we say stuff like this too. “I watch this Hollywood movie and the lead character was totally you. I think you’d do a great job in a role like this.”

Do you recommend each other some characters that would go well with the other to advance overseas?

Kyung Pyo: Jenifer Lawrence in “Silver Lining Playbook”!.
Hye Young: I really want to see it! Looking at Kyung Pyo during the photo shoot earlier, he reminded me of Robert DeNiro in “Taxi Driver”. I think a role like this would be nice for him.
Kyung Pyo: I love this movie! It’s the movie of my life.

You were probably anticipating to film together one day. Didn’t this day come earlier than what you expected? How do you feel about being cast together in “Reply 1988”?

Hye Young: I was briefly in “Escape”, but we had no scene together. When we were talking back then, we were like “it’s so nice to be together in the same project, let’s do a “meeting” project next time”. It’s so exciting that this day is finally here.
Kyung Pyo: She’s right. I’ve already worked with (Ahn) Jae Hong-hyung too. I went to school with him, Hye Young, Hye Ri, so I’m very glad that we get to meet on a filming set. I’m delighted.

1988 was before the both of you were born. Although there was something called a bulanchingu [t/n: like male best friend], there was no such thing as a namsachingu [t/n: a boyfriend who is like a friend], how was the relationship between with someone from the opposite sex you didn’t date?

Hye Young: Wasn’t there something like “namsabulchin”, “yeosabulchin” [t/n: a male best friend, a female best friend] ?
Kyung Pyo: The relationships must have had more closeness back then because there was nothing to create awareness about men-women relationships like we see it in medias today. It was a time when people grew up like they were the same sex and considered people like family and not like friends or neighbors.

Your parents grew up in this tough period of time. How do you research references from this time?

Kyung Pyo: My character was born in 1971. Director Jang Jin was born in 1971, so I asked him about his youth. However, come to think of it, actors who play in a sageuk must understand and express their roles too without knowing perfectly about this era. I wonder if we will make it accessible like this.
Hye Young: We didn’t experience growing up at that time, but I laughed and cried while reading the script. I’m able to relate to it because it deals with human emotions transcending generations.

The two of you have been friends for six years, right? What do you hope to see from each other ten years later?

Hye Young: I just hope Kyung Pyo will be happy.
Kyung Pyo: Me too. I can’t dare to say “become this kind of actress, become this kind of person”, I just hope she won’t be struggling with a complicated life.

To finish this interview, is there something you’d like to do for each other, to declare to each other?

Kyung Pyo: She likes traveling, so I can cover all her travel expenses. In Korea or outside of Korea, it doesn’t matter.
Hye Young: I will bring Kyung Pyo with me later on a “rich people travel” [?] as we will remember the trip without money we had promised to each other to make.
Kyung Pyo: This is what I’m talking about too.

Do not take out
Do not screencap

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  1. maulidhappt says:

    they are so freaking cute ;___;
    omg bestfriends for life! ❤ (but I do hope they can be a real couple, kkk)

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      they’re very shippable as best friends (or more * cough *) indeed

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