[160305 – TV Report] Jung In: “Hearing that I’m ugly doesn’t hurt me.”


◆ “Marriage doesn’t change my music”

People believe in what people show. And the same goes for me too. Whenever someone uploads a picture on SNS, I look at it and make my own judgement based on it. You feel something about what seems to be in this picture and you want to be the same. That’s why I use SNS often. Because wanting to always look happy makes me feel happy. I got married, but not everything in my life is happy (smiles). I’m making efforts to live well through matching him, to get adjusted to marriage itself. My desire is to get an unconditional happiness because I got married because I’m happy.

When I release a song, I’m sad if it doesn’t get hot reactions. (smiles) However, if the reaction is lukewarm, I think it can be loved for a long time. When the reactions switch like that, it makes it comfortable. To be honest, if you want to sing only hit songs, so many different results can come out. I have projects, collaborations. However, I want to be recognized, acknowledge through my music itself.

I did think some stuff about my music would change because I got married. I didn’t think about these emotions. However, these sorrowful feelings, these sad feelings came out because I make music, I stand on stage. I feel various emotions through music. Singing opens the simple thoughts and emotions I had when I was a child.

◆ “I don’t find my husband ugly either”

I hear the word “ugly”, but it doesn’t hurt me. I don’t think I’m ugly. I don’t find my husband ugly either. I think it just appeared this way as a character because of variety programs. That’s why I don’t take it seriously. I have no interest in my appearance. My face, other people’s face, I don’t care. Each person has their own different charm. Personally, I like people with a bright energy. And I seek sincere emotions. I like a style that reveals well what’s inside and this is Jo Jung Chi’s style. The right expression is a match made in heaven. (smiles)

I released albums in rare occasions. I’m not really good at working on my music. My wandering takes a long time, so I take a long time to prepare. I wavered while doing music once. I doubted myself. If I don’t believe in myself, I wander and my self-confidence goes downhill. And here’s what Yang Hee Eun told me when I was feeling this way: “singing is scary”. Yang Hee Eun is like vocal perfection, art itself to me and she told me these words. I was very shocked. And I also saw how much struggles Gary goes through to create good music. That’s why I realized how music is difficult for everybody, so this thought put me at ease.

◆ “My husband is my strongest music partner”

My husband Jo Jung Chi gives me straightforward comments and advice too. He has always been like this. That’s why we argued sometimes. We don’t usually match each other. We do respect each other, though. (smiles) Our personalities are very different. For instance, I work on impulse, but my husband draws the whole picture and has a calm approach.

That’s why we quarreled. We’re so different that we got resentful and we argued. That’s why we didn’t talk music for 6 years. However, our thoughts have been changing since last year. Like let’s help out each other since we’re already close like that. Let’s bring out our synergy by doing something good together, by working together. I want to open my heart again and have us working together again this year. (smiles)

Since Jo Jung Chi and I got married, I receive many questions about getting pregnant and giving birth. I have nothing planned about that. I think it will happen naturally. It’s exactly the same thing for my overseas career. Thanks to Gary, I receive attention from China. I’m also contacted through my SNS. When they leave me a comment, I’m thankful but I can’t translate it, so it’s sad. Thanks to Gary, I got to perform in China once. However, this isn’t a goal of mine. If I find stability as singer Jung In, I think opportunities will naturally come to me.

Don’t take out.
Don’t screencap.

TVReport via Nate
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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