[February 2016 – Instyle] Kim Tae Hee – Interview


It’s already been 16 years since your debut.

I debuted during my freshman of college. I did my first magazine photo shoot during the winter break of my freshman year in 1999, but making CFs afterwards made me known, so my official debut was in 2000. I feel like time flies by.

You seem to be someone calm, but I heard you actually enjoy extreme sports like scuba diving.

I’ve been like that since I was a child. I was a child who didn’t speak much but always had scabs on her knees because I couldn’t sit still. I enjoyed wearing legging and having my hair cut short. I think I developed my feminine side while growing up. I started scuba diving because Honey Lee recommended it to me. The joy of meeting beautiful and fascinating fishes in this unknown world deep down the sea untouched by human hands is more amazing than what I could imagine.

If you were to describe your life in one word?

Hm… I can’t do “simplicity”. And it’s about various things. Work, personal stuff, a meeting, I can’t do more than one thing a day. That’s why I can’t do nothing else when I start working on a new project. I focus only on one thing.

You’re in a three-year relationship. What do you think is your boyfriend’s biggest charm?

First of all, we communicate well because we work in the same field. When you start dating someone, you’re usually determined to only show your good side. As we spent time together, even if we have fights, he’s a warm-hearting person with a nice personality because he has also experienced struggles in his life. We can mutually make up for what the other lacks of.

I’m curious about how a date goes with the two of you.

It’s very ordinary. We eat tasty food and we discuss a lot because our personalities match and we can relate to what the other feels. I’m usually a quiet person, but he’s so talkative and interesting that our discussion never ends.

Do you picture how your wedding would be if you get married to someone?

As an actress, it was part of my job to wear wedding dresses and to get attention for being pretty in them, so a wedding is such an impormant moment that I want mine to be as private and precious as possible.

In the past, you did a photo shoot with “Instyle” for the “Make A Wish” campaign. Do you have interest in social issues in your daily life?

“Make A Wish” is about fulfilling the wishes of child patients who have an incurable disease. I joined the campaign as an honorary volunteer and I’m still participating. Ever time I meet these kids, it makes me learn more about so many and happy things. Recently, I’ve gotten more interested in environmental problems. Especially the thoughtless use of daily items. This seems to be a very serious issue.

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to have a good influence on others?

Of course. I think I must give back to the community all the love that the audience gives me. I try my best to practice this, but I’m still reluctant to let go and reveal everything. If I get the opportunity, I want to be more active and do environmental campaigns to go around Korea and take care of our Nature.

If you were to imagine your life 10 years from now?

Won’t I be raising a family? My mom was a housewife, so she was always by my side when I needed her. It’s such a heartwarming memory that I also want to become a good mom to my kids like my mother was to me.



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  1. Djihane says:

    Hi ! How are u ? .. I’m a new reader but i want to ask u something . Do u only post intervies that actors do ? I mean no idols ? Right ?
    Fighting 💕

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Hello! Thank you for reading the blog. I don’t translate idol interviews because idol fandoms are usually structured enough to have their own translators. I think the only interviews I translated of an artist that fit the idol definition were 5urprise members’ interviews and it’s because the iws were about their acting gigs, but that’s it. My main focus is actors and actresses with small i-fandoms as well as Korean models and indie singers. 🙂

      1. Djihane says:

        Oh I see , well good work 👏 Fighting ✊💕

  2. kfangurl says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how she describes her relationship with Rain.. As in, I love that her favorite thing is how they communicate. Given how much their relationship reveal rocked k-ent, and how Rain got a good amount of flack for not being “good enough” for her, I’m glad that their solid relationship (which sounds so healthy, really) is enduring well, and proving nay-sayers wrong 🙂 Thanks for your hard work as always, dear Sunny! 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      I only watched the first episode of Rain reality TV show when he came back from the army. He looked so clumsy… well I guess he looked like someone who is used to have someone else do daily tasks for him. I really can’t picture what kind of boyfriend he can be.

      That’s why I wanted to translate that XD Because they seem to have a pretty normal and healthy relationship, so ain’t nothing wrong about making this fact known! 😀 As always, thanks for reading

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