[March 2016 – Elle Bride] Sean and Jung Hye Young – True Album – Interview

Do not take out
Do not screencap.

How long have you been married?

Sean It’s been 4434 days. 12 years.

Why do you count the days?

Sean You know how you focus on things you like, right? I like numbers. Counting how many days have passed since I met my wife whom I love is fun to me. I count them up almost every morning, if I get confused, then I usually use an important day to start counting again.


Sean It was at the YG concert on December 31st in 2012 [t/n: the editor wrote 2012, but I think they refer here to the YG family concert in 2004]. I performed with a Tiffany’s setting ring in my jacket, but I couldn’t find the courage to ask her. I thought I’d never get the opportunity again once we reached the encore song, so I proposed. The audience shouted “get married! get married!”.

Hye Young To be honest, this was his second proposal. We had been seeing each other for about a year, and it was winter, but he unexpectedly came out wearing a summer suit. That’s why I thought it was weird. It was really a cold day. So we went to a coffee shop and suddenly, he asked me to go outside with him, but I didn’t want to. He got down on one knee and gave me a ring in the middle of the street with people passing by. Back then, I had never thought about getting married, so it made me happy but it was weird. I said “I understand” [t/n: it’s a litteral translation. It’s yes without saying yes/okay] and we went back inside. He said he proposed to me a second time because he hadn’t heard properly my answer the first time.

The reason you proposed twice?

Sean A proposal is a marriage promise. I was really truly nervous during the few hours I spent preparing my proposal. When in my life would I feel this nervous? I decided to get married and to propose, but I didn’t know how my wife felt. I hoped for a definite answer.

Hye Young I was surprised both times!

Wedding jewelry?

Sean My wife has always loved Tiffany jewelry, so I chose a Tiffany wedding ring because it gave me a bright and clean feeling. When you say the word “love”, people usually picture the red color, passion, but I wanted to give her more of a continuous love.

Hye Young It wasn’t about being a wedding ring, this proposal ring was a wedding jewelry as the promise we would live together all our lives.

The meaning of true love?

Sean I have a religion and I believe God’s love is a forever lasting love. I want to convey the love I receive to my wife.

Hye Young 12 years have passed and our family grew bigger, but my husband still feels like my boyfriend. It’s the feeling of always loving and always being loved.

A love symbol?

Sean For me, it’s my wife.

Hye Young For me, it’s my husband?

One good thing about getting married?

Sean I like the fact that there’s a space where we can be together. Each one of us has moments and places on their own, but there’s the possibility of being together all the time. We can be apart for 24 hours too, but the place where I will return to is the place where my wife always is. I like that I have somewhere to go back to whatever I do.

The secret for being a long life couple?

Sean I read a survey one day and what men call their fantasy/dream is unexpectedly “breakfast”. It’s simple. However, I can also get this “this is what marriage is about” feeling and be thankful for stuff that isn’t trivial stuff like this. Of course, it won’t be easy to wake up in the morning or working out every day and staying in shape isn’t easy either, but I wonder if the secret isn’t in the efforts we make.

Hye Young My husband can give me my own “me time” in which I’m not someone’s wife, someone’s mom. Me saying this doesn’t mean I do something big. It’s like enjoying going to the market by myself. If you come back after resting for a day, you can be better in your role. And living with someone different from yourself. It’s better to try changing yourself than trying to change this person. Me changing makes me match my partner.

Do not take out
Do not screencap

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