[Vol. 107 – 1st Look] Suzy – Dear, My Lady – Interview


I thought I had seen every side of you: the cute Suzy, the innocent Suzy, the lively Suzy, the sexy Suzy. The side of you I saw during the photo shoot today is special. You were oozing captivating elegance.

I became the new model of a French sensual jewelry brand. I had to bring out an elegant and feminine image to go well with the jewelry. To be honest, I tried my best to remain natural and not “pretend”. I still don’t know if I’m doing a good job at it. When I’m shooting with an image I force myself to have, it’s very awkward. I think natural charm coming from within is attractive, even without being all dolled up. That’s why French actresses are so charismatic and beautiful. I was able to show my natural image even without formal, elaborate makeup or hairstyle and I tried to bring out this image more than trying to overdo it. If I look less pretty, I might worry a little bit, though.

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

It does look like it. Your beauty is new/fresh. Seeing your natural deep gaze makes me feel that you’re truly a “lady” now.

People around me or my fans often tell me these days that I seem to become more mature. I don’t know. I always feel like I’m the same. I’m still busy every day, so I can’t really feel any change. Sometimes, I come across an old picture of me and I’m a bit surprised. Even if they were taken just 2 or 3 years ago, they do feel like they were taken a long time ago. I think it’s because I’ve made constant efforts because I was in the “I don’t want to stay in just one image” mindset. I didn’t want to be just a member of a girl group, I didn’t want to have just the pure image, just the cute image or just be “Suzy”. I also thought that fans always tried to find me a new image from me. It’s not that I thought I should get rid fast of what showed I was young. It seems that I changed naturally as I tried out various images.

Seeing you like this, I feel sad because I had two Suzys in my heart: the one with the cool energy who brightly sings CM songs or the innocent one holding music books and running her hand through her long hair. I feel like I must say goodbye to this image now.

Heyyyy, it doesn’t have to be like what you say. It’s not like I made a 180 degree turn and completely changed to become someone new. Every person is multidimensional, has different sides. That’s how I am too. I think it’s about being pulled in here and there by one of the various images I have in my heart. What’s different is that it’s getting a little bit easier for me to express a specific image as time goes by and I work with people and get more experiences in front of the camera. Watching, listening and practicing makes me feel like I can also express an image that isn’t specific to me. As an actress, I think it’s important to extend endlessly the range of what I can express and not be limited, so I keep making more efforts.

Indeed. When you have acting activities, you can do nothing but have more occasions to reveal and explain yourself to make you special. You’re currently busy filming a drama, aren’t you? Which image will you show us this time?

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

It’s a drama called “Uncontrollably Fond” which is scheduled to air this summer. The lead characters lived a painful experience during their childhood and had to go separate ways. Now that they’re adults, he’s a top star and she’s a documentary film director. They meet again. The story is about their difficult but heartwarming love. I play the director nicknamed “Super Eul” and I’m trying my best to show a new image. Every staff member works very hard. The closeness and joy you can receive only in such situation are there, so it’s nice. It’s also exciting to bring out a new image of me.

Come to think of it, it’s almost been three years since you’ve been in a drama. Fans are probably glad too, but from your perspective, it can also be special and make you nervous too.

“Gu Family Book” was in 2013. Wow! It was really a long time ago. To be honest, I didn’t notice how time was flying by, so I didn’t think about it. However, saying it now doesn’t mean I give it a special meaning either. Every project is always new and solid. The thing is the filming schedule is packed and my characters usually have a wide range of emotions to express, so the duty to express them in the right way is a big worry. This character is very three-dimensional and realistic, so the key is how much of it I can convey. I’m coming up with my own way to make this character my own in order to convey the universal story and emotion instead of the specificity of this drama. This character has many things I can relate to, so it’s really interesting. I think viewers will enjoy it as we cry and laugh together.

When it comes to a detailed and heartwarming story, no one is better than writer Lee Kyung Hee. Considering that it’s her new project, there’s already this “don’t miss it” opinion. From the actor’s point of view, it will also probably remain as a great experience.

Do not take out. Do not screencap.
I also watched the previous drama she wrote and it was so touching that I was hooked and really loved it. To be honest, just hearing the title of this drama, I “totally” loved it. I don’t know why, but as soon as I heard the title, my heart went “bang” and it moved me. Every one of the characters are charming. It’s not only about the love story between the two lead characters. It’s also about their relationships with their family, and the drama deals also with the characters around them. I have many similarities with this character and the fact that the character goes through various emotions and grows made me accept the role fast without overthinking about it.

You discovered you had many similarities with the female lead character which is a realistic and materialistic character. That was unexpected? As someone who has always been loved and had people intersted in her since a young age, weren’t you someone who enjoyed living this extraordinary and fancy life?

Do not take out. Do not screencap.
This is how the character was described. “She wasn’t naturally like this, but after a couple of experiences, she turned into a materialistic person seeking only her self-interest.” As I read this sentence, I looked into the person I was right at that time. I’m not saying I was becoming a materialistic person looking only for my own interest (laughs). I mean that opportunities and experiences while facing other people make people change inside and their lives change too. It gave me a new approach to this truth. As time goes by and as they experience things, people change no matter what. I felt this truth very strongly and it even stunned me sometimes. When I was a child, I was someone with a very bright and lively energy. I realize these days that this image of me is constantly fading away. Of course, my bright image is strong, but I think I also have various feelings inside my heart that create an image I’m not familiar with. I want to think carefully and thoroughly about this process.

Leaving aside viewer ratings or acting skills, I feel like we’ll be able to see a new Suzy no matter what once this drama is over. I hope you will get to have more thoughts, feelings, and it will make you happy as you will take another step to grow as a person.

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

I feel the same way too. Even if I don’t get loved and complimented from everybody, I hope I will have a little bit more confidence to think that things didn’t go bad. And I hope I will become someone who can be loved as an actress giving a realistic vibe and not as “Suzy with the star status”. I might probably show you really a new side of me, so won’t it happen? I can’t wait!

Last time we met, I remember you talk a lot about taking the time to step back and think about yourself. Are there some things you see a bit more concretely now? Which image of you will we see in the future?

2015 was a year that allowed me to look back at myself and think about my future. This made me discover many things I didn’t know. For instance, to be honest I lived thinking I was doing well and liked being “A”, but I did wonder if I wasn’t “B”. Things like who I truly am among what I hide inside. My filming schedule gives me a pretext to stop worrying about myself. I will keep looking more into it and making efforts to find myself as I move forward. I’m talking about the path to be happy and serene without forcing myself to be. I’m talking about being like the pictures we did today, being able to be beautiful in a natural way.

Do not take out. Do not screencap.

First Look
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    You can tell Suzy has grown more mature through this interview. Her answers are thoughtful. Suzy-ya you grow up so well I’m so proud of you. Looking forward to your new drama!

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      definitely. She’s someone who thinks deeply about what she wants. Thx for reading!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My Suzy is always realistic and honest in her interviews.

    Thanks for translating! ^^

  3. kfangurl says:

    This is my first time reading a Suzy interview, and I must say, it does help me feel more.. open-minded towards her acting forays. She seems self-aware and yet also hardworking and optimistic, which is a combination that I like. I’ve not been blown away by any of her acting projects (yet?), but I liked her ability to poke fun at herself in Dream High, and I’m hoping that she’ll do well in her project with Woob (the name of which has so many iterations that I don’t even know what to call it anymore! XD ).

    Thanks for your hard work, dear Sunny! 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Oh you didn’t read my previous 1st look translation? She was promoting her new movie. She does sound very aware of how she’s perceived.

      I don’t think she’s a bad actress, but I don’t think she’s good either. I have some expectations for her projects with The Woob. I really wonder how they’re going to make it work. I feel like Suzy is one of these actresses, a bit like Park Shin Hye, you see HER before you see the character. I mean, every project I watched with them, I never felt like I was watching the character. I felt like I was watching them portraying a character… adn that’s not really good? Her new role might give me this reversal charm that might make me go “WOW”? 🙂 i’m hopeful. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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