[February 2015 – Geek] Byun Yo Han – Interview


Do not take out.
Do not screencap.

Your name is in the Bible. So why Yo Han?

I was told Yo Han was the disciple Jesus loved the most. I don’t know if it’s thanks to that, but I’m also receiving a lot of love.

It seems there must have been a time when you hated this name.

To be honest, I hated it until my first year of high school. I feel like I still dislike it now. Everyone in my family is Christian (Byun Yo Han’s father is a minister), so I was always very cautious, but won’t there be times in my life when I act contrary to my name? When I’m acting, I end up doing things that are taboo in my religion. Still, I repent diligently.

The power of a name to characterize someone is big.

Some of aspects of my job are really contradictory to my name, but I think stuff like this makes me special. It might be because it’s an easy name to remember, but it seems that people like it. I think I ended up really discipline myself because I had a complex about my name.

Your family name isn’t common either, so I think you might be called “Byun”.

Which is nice. I often get called Byun Yo more than just Byun.

Your character in “Ex Girlfriend Club” is called Park Myung Soo. It’s not a lovely name. What do you think of Park Myung Soo?

I often hear that it wasn’t an extension of Han Suk Yool at all.

I think people had high expectations about you once “Misaeng” was over. This might give you some doubts.

The thing is that “Ex Girlfriend Club” is a romantic comedy so it has its own style. Even if my acting isn’t as dynamic or active as my acting was for Han Suk Yool, I positioned myself with this mindset: when I must lead, let’s lead, when I must support my entourage, let’s support them. If viewers get disappointed in my acting, I think it will be because Han Suk Yool will be seen through Park Myung Soo. I got high with emotions, behavior and expressions that were the opposite of Han Suk Yool’s. It might be because I wasn’t that self-conscious of Han Suk Yool, but I was able to enjoy what I did until the end.

It seems that once a drama is over, there are things that remain and things you lose.

I lost nothing. Not a little bit. I’m a young actor who must be nurtured and grow. I studied a lot and if I have the slightest sad feeling, it’s definitely that this nutriment will always be my next project.

What did you gain with “Ex Girlfriend Club”?

I learned how to think that I can make my next project even more interesting. And that I’m very thankful. Every time I end a project, I think I shouldn’t keep a lingering feeling about it. I became more confident.

It didn’t sound like it in the articles about the wrap-up party?

Do not take out.
Do not screencap.

I actually cared about what I wore and chose a stylish outfit before going to the party. And the articles were published saying “stern face, bitter pace, sloppy fashion”. (smiles) To be honest, when this drama I cared about ended, my only thought was “can I truly enjoy this party?”. I’m a shy person, so once filming is over, I always get this awkward feeling. I get along well with my colleagues, sunbaenims and the staff while filming, but there are moments when it’s difficult for me once filming is over because I don’t know how to face them.

Because you’re back as the everyday Byun Yo Han?

I went out for an hour because I was awkward. I spent the hour smoking, sitting in the car and scrolling through group pictures. I also watched the show all by myself. And the reality that the drama was over hit me when I got contacted because people were looking for me. And then, I think I spent nearly 3 days and 2 nights drinking. Hahaha.

Was it the same when you finished this drama too?

It seems that it’s always like that. I’m also really awkward even when I go to the wrap-up party of an indie movie. Is it because I feel a sense of awareness? Although I go through this every time, it shouldn’t happen again. Obviously, I’m a shy person.

Although you’re shy, you can act.

Because the character in the script is different from my own personality.

Don’t you have many friends, though? I know you’re close with idols.

It’s absolutely not the case. It’s only true when it comes to Suho from EXO because we’ve been close friends since college. I’m shy, so I don’t meet many people. Same goes for (Im) Siwan, we grew closer because we filmed “Misaeng” together.

Do not take out.
Do not screencap.

I saw a picture of actor Ji Soo and you that you posted online.

He’s a dongsaeng really precious to me. On an emotional level, we’re similar about many things. We also like stylish/smart things. And he’s someone very focused. Although he’s young, his thoughts about acting are very deep.

Since you’re talking about style, you said you were good at wearing clothes.

I really like stylish stuff. I really like it and I’m very interested in it too. I always prepare to express what the style demands. Seoul is today’s concept. It’s really a casual style. I don’t buy expensive clothes and I keep my clothes for a very long time.

When did you start buying your clothes by yourself?

I started around my 5th or 6th year of elementary school. I gathered my allowance and went to buy my own clothes. I have a lot of hyungs among my relatives, so I often tagged along when they went out to buy clothes. When one of them bought a pair of shoes I liked, I nagged him about it and he gave them to me. Even if the shoes were too big and didn’t fit my feet, I just stuffed the front with waste papers and I walked around with these shoes on.

Is there a style you like?

I don’t have one specific style I like and I follow and I don’t have sense of trends. As I figured out which style didn’t match me, I found the style I’m the most comfortable with. In the past, people around me often shared their clothes with me and there were times when I thought some clothes looked better. It’s not that my clothes are fancy. It’s just that I’m sure of what can make me go “I’m handsome”.

Where do you mostly buy clothes?

When I was a child, I mostly bought them at the mall. Afterwards, I also went to places such as stores that sold imported clothes or Dongmyo. A lot of people around me like fashion, so discussions about it come naturally. We talk about where clothes are cheap, where you can find imitation. My shopping standard isn’t about the price. It’s about which style looks good on me and if I like it. My place overflows with clothes I bought like that. My mom bought me blue boxes and I put them in them. When an outfit comes to my mind at some point, I go through all the boxes.

Is there an item you collect separately?

I really like shoes. When I say I like shoes, I usually get asked if I’m Nike or Adidas, but I can’t choose. If there’s one thing, I’d say that I think Nike shoes must be worn in a clean way, Adidas shoes have more of a slight worn-out vibe.

Why do you like clothes so much?

I was a middle school student when I started acting, and my acting teacher always said “an actor must dress well”. He said you must wear clothes that match you to act well and your personality changes too. I personally styled myself when I shot indie movies, I also did it when I portrayed Han Suk Yool in “Misaeng”.

Since we’re on the fashion topic, is there someone with a style you’d like to follow?

It’s not like I want to have his style, but Choi Min Sik-sunbae wore an old school Dolce & Gabana leather jacket while he was on “Healing Camp”, and he looked so cool. He was like this too not long ago. He has this charismatic vibe even when he goes to movie premieres.

You’re probably dating when you ooze out charisma like this… So I wonder if…

I don’t think about dating for now. My agency CEO told me not to date until I’m 40. Hahaha.

Even if the woman you’re fated to love appears?

Of course, this is a different story.

Have you ever had a corny love story? Like going through SNS even after the break-up?

This isn’t corny, so there’s nothing cool about it, but I think it’s something that happened when I was in middle school. This probably changes according to the person I’m with, but I can be corny to someone gentle and I can’t be corny at all to someone mean.

Do not take out.
Do not screencap.

What’s your criteria between someone gentle and someone mean?

How she loves and how she receives love. There must be some feedback to the way I express myself. Some people are calculative. That’s how I face people like that.

If you don’t play push and pull, are you the one to say “let’s date”?

I make the first step. Even if I already know that she likes me, I’m the one who makes the proposal first. Isn’t this the way it should be so she doesn’t feel embarrassed? That’s what a man must do.

Are you the type to be in long-term relationships?

I try my best to. My longest relationship lasted for a year. That’s why I tend to be careful.

Do you have ex-girlfriends that turned into friends?

I don’t. When you break up with someone and you remain friends, won’t all the memories you created as a couple disappear? On the contrary, I want to cherish these moments as precious memories.

How about marriage?

To be honest, I want to get married fast. I have no fantasy about creating a family, I have a fantasy about the family man I want to become. However, I honestly have no confidence. I’m more comfortable with having fun with my friends then being with someone from the opposite sex. As we speak, I have three friends of mine at home.

You went from being an indie actor being paid 30,000 won to being a lead in a drama. It’s a big change in a short period of time.

To be honest, there was a time when I wanted to quit acting because I was disappointed at myself. I shot indie movies like crazy because I wanted to work hard. I shot 30 movies in a year. I really couldn’t watch when I saw myself on a screen at the “indie movies festival”. It was greed. To speak honestly, I think it was also about how I earned money and got a taste of it. Because I got from 30,000 won up to the 200,000 won overall drama fees I call my maximum. [t/n: not sure about that last sentence]

If it were easy to keep, there would be no beginning to something.

At that time, doubts came to me. I wondered if I had a sense of responsibility about my projects. I wondered if I should quit acting. In the past, I only had the vague thought that I would be able to live while acting all my life. And I sometimes shrink as I wonder when I watch my sunbaes these days “how will I be able to do things like this?”. My fear now is “until when will I be able to be an actor?”.

Is there a solution?

Isn’t it to work hard at acting as if my life were on the line? Right now, I only look at the projects. I think about everything, mistakes as well as failure.

Do you worry about making mistakes or failure?

I’m very scared and afraid when I receive a scenario. That’s why I have many worries at first. I evaluate what I can do up until filming start and then I give my all. If things don’t work out even when I worry like this, then there’s nothing I can do. It may sound like I’m trying to be cool, but that’s really how I feel.

What are your criterias to choose a project?

In the past, I looked at the character, but now I look at the overall message of the project. Failing once or twice made me realize that if the message is good, then the character is good.

No matter how good the project is, it seems that you must follow your destiny.

It feels this way. It feels like I’ve had a good fate so far. Statistically speaking, I’m in a good direction.

Do not take out.
Do not screencap.

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  1. Ah, thank you!!! Hes so fantastic, as an actor and a person i think. A fascinating, captivating sort of man. I wonder how he’s handling the end of 6fd?

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      thank you for reading ❀ i wonder too! but he must be very exhausted, so he's probably trying to catch up on some sleep first before he realizes the project is done. i wonder if yoo ah in joined his bro squad. XD

      1. i don’t know but i think Yoon Kyun Sang has! and, i love him so that’s perfectly okay πŸ™‚

  2. kfangurl says:

    Interesting insight into Byun Yo Han the person, thank you! I like how candid and honest he comes across.. and such an intriguing mix of introverted & shy, but fashion-conscious with boxes of clothes at home! XD What I like most out of the whole interview, tho, is this statement: “when I must lead, let’s lead, when I must support my entourage, let’s support them.” I love that awareness, and that desire to live up to not only what’s expected of him, but what’s needed in the moment. Thanks, Sunny dear! πŸ™‚

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      He’s so freaking adorable. He sounds very down to earth and humble. I want to see him on Celebrity Bromance with Ji Soo or Suho or anyone. He seems to be like the coolest hyung ever.

      Thank you for reading and commenting ❀

  3. maulidhappt says:


    Thank you and thankyouuu so much..
    He is sooo adorable, and the fact that he is close with jisoo, suho, and siwan is reaally great and.. i hope he doesn’t get married at the age of 40 πŸ˜” dear lord, it will be such a waste πŸ˜… and also.. Thank you again πŸ‘πŸ»

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ other itws will be posted once i finally ahve some free time. thank you for your patience πŸ˜€

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