[August 2016 – Grazia] Suzy – Interview



What did you think about today’s photo shoot?

There are days when everything is just perfect. Today was one of these days.

The atmosphere on the set turned suddenly livelier when you appeared ealier. The staff members had their mouth wide open, their eyes turned into hearts.

Really (laughs) ?

Do you have your own technique to lift up the mood on a set?

I think you should enjoy being on the set for the pictures to come out well, but I’m a human being, so it can’t be good every time. I think timing and luck are important. That’s why I’m even more thankful for days like today. It shows right away. The moment when everyone’s expression lightens up! Seeing that also gives me more energy.

Do you have a motto you say to yourself when you work?

Because I kind of feel the day (laugh). It’s “let’s just live today and die!”

Were you like this too when you debuted?

In the past, I really tried hard to do everything, even things that made no sense. I’m not like that any more. On the contrary, I try my best to not let stress get to me. I go with the flow. If I can’t do something well today, I will tomorrow.

If you were to choose your favorite item among the ones you wore today?

The moon-shaped bold earrings.

The signature D collection earrings?

Exactly. They’re the ones I’m talking about! I like the simple yet elegant design. And I think Didier Budot jewelry style is the best that suits me.

How so?

I usually like items that are natural and stylish without being too fancy. This style is good for me. The concept gives me a beauty that is made up as if it doesn’t seem to be made up. Like a French woman (laughs).

Do you usually wear this type of clothes in your daily life? You came here wearing an all-black outfit made of a t-shirt and skinny jeans.

Even if I buy fancy clothes, they don’t look good on me. They just stay in my closet.

Let’s say there’s someone who absolutely doesn’t know you at all. If you could show this person only one of the movies or dramas you did, which one would you choose?

I must show my most recent work.

The drama “Uncontrollably Fond”?

Yes. Of course, Hye Mi in “Dream High” was similar to me on some aspects. When my friends saw Seo Yeon in “Architecture 101”, they said “it’s totally you”. When they watched Dam Yeo Wool in “Guk Family Book”, they said “wooow, this is so you” (laughs). They’re all different characters, so they’re all me.

Still, is there a reason why you’d insist on your recent work?

When I portray a character, I can’t help the fact that my personality gets mixed with this character. No Eul from “Uncontrollably Fond”… is a bit colder and slyer. Anyway, this character is close to the person I am right now.

Do you call yourself sly?

Specifically in the way I speak (laugh). I’m using the way I spoke to optimize my characterization of No Eul.

Which aspect of this drama pulled you in?

It’s because of No Eul. I wanted to try to portray a realistic character and complex emotions. I also enjoyed watching writer Lee Kyung Hee’s previous works.

How was it to work with Hallyu star Kim Woo Bin ?

It was awkward at first, but at some point it felt like he was just Shin Joon Young. When on the set, he really tried to take care of me…

You play a documentary PD which means you’re someone dealing with the daily life. How did you analzye this character?

My first thought was “it’s not that much of a friendly character”.

Why? Because you’re inundated with work?

For a documentary, there’s a PD in charge of investigating. I enjoy watching “I Want To Know What It Is” and I wonder how they can stay kind while filming stuff like this. I thought it could make people uncomfortable, that you had to be gutsy and a bit rude, regardless of your age.

Director Lee Yong Joo of “Architecture 101” said about you that you were gutsy. So it’s something you have in common with No Eul!

Without guts, I’d be just a corpse (laughs). I feel like I was really fearless in the past. Was it some willpower? Like “let’s give it a try!”, “things will turn out well, let’s do this!”.

That was the past! Are you different these days?

I’m a bit similar these days, but I’m definitely more scared than before. I wonder if things will be okay (laughs). I’m getting more experienced, so I realized that also makes me a bit more cautious whenever I have to do something.

Did you give your opinion often for your styling in the drama?

I had many meetings with the stylist. No Eul isn’t from a wealthy family. It felt like she wore large jeans and tennis shoes every day. I felt that she could have been a bit countrified. Watching the episodes, I thought even more this look really suited her.

You might have wanted to look a little bit prettier…

I felt some kind of aversion when I wore trendy clothes. Well, the clothes were still a bit stylish (laughs).

You still look cool. This goes for the styling, but many people say “acting with less intensity” is good.

This is what I thought about the most! To not do too much. I truly hate the tendency of going overboard and being artificial. I want my acting to be natural, with no artifice like it’s real life.

How’s your personality?

For instance, when I debuted, I often heard the direction “try to show a little bit more emotion”. Ever since I was a child, I never really had a way to express my emotions.

It’s surprising. Why were you like this?

How to say it? I hated that people knew when I was happy.

Because you felt that people would catch on?

Because I was a child. The fact itself (laughs) that people were aware of my presence made me shy.

Still, you became an actress known by everyone in the country.

I know, right? If I should name one thing that changed the most when I started the job, it’s the efforts I make to express honestly my emotions.

Is there a specific occasion that gave you a wakeup call?

It happened while I was filming an ad with child models. I wondered why these children were so open about their own feelings. When they were annoyed, it showed on their faces right away. When asked to smile, they just weren’t in the mood (laughs). This is what I thought. “I’m so jealous of you. Yeah, this is right. It’s not a situation that makes you smile, so how can you smile?”. I went home that day and even wrote in my diary.

Do you get emotional a lot?

The one I was in the past smiled even in situations that weren’t funny. I thought it was the right attitude to have. Even now, I don’t think I was wrong nor that I should regret it. It’s just that now I think I shouldn’t hide my mood and that I should express how I feel a little bit more.

I wonder if this isn’t an important virtue especially for actors.

You’re right. Expressing myself while singing and acting is my job. I must fix this real fast. It’s also a way to feel less stressed out. When I’m not in a good mood, I don’t feel good, what should I do about it? I don’t want things to be forced. Wow, I feel like I say a lot of weird things today, but it’s okay (laughs) ?

It’s nice that you’re honest. Director Heo Jin Ho said that if he were to film again “Christmas in June” with young actors, he would offer you the role of Darim played by Shim Eun Ha.

Oh my God. Really? Such role… how would I dare… He’s really too kind. It’s an honor.

“Christmas in June” aside, which remake of an old movie would you like to be in?

“Love Letter”? I found out about it late three years ago. The feelings and the atmosphere in this movie remained in my heart. I think I’m more attracted to projects that show feelings in a quiet way like this than projects with fancy performances. Because when I watch a movie like “Love Letter”, it makes my heart race. I’d really like to try it.

“Love Letter” is also a movie about the memory of first love. Don’t you want to break your “nation’s first love” image?

I don’t know… Should I break away from it, should I not. I don’t want to think too much about it. It will disappear one day anyway.

Do you know you seem to be like someone who almost reached Nirvana?

Really (laughs)? I do worry sometimes because people know me through a certain image. People who think of me as a girl who is always laughing and who is always friendly might be really shocked if they see me angry. Sometimes, when I’m walking down the street without smiling, everybody asks me if something’s wrong. No, who is smiling by themselves when they’re alone? This happens when you space out.

They say spacing out is good for one’s health.

Aha! That’s why I… (laughs).

Do you often space out?

When I’m alone at home, I space out a lot. I don’t turn on the TV. I just lie down on my sofa for two hours.

You know there’s a big spacing out competition. You should try it once.

Is there such competition? Will I rank first place?

Is your hope to portray a “femme fatale” role still going on? It seems that you’d have a man wrapped around your finger in real life too.

Ha (laughs).

Honestly, does your personality have this side?

I think I do. I think I should have it. Saying this doesn’t mean I know how to handle men (laughs).

Haven’t you ever heard that you’re not perceptive?

Well, I’m awfully perceptive.

Were you born this way?

That’s because I care a lot about what was going around me when I was a child (laugh), so that made me an expert.

Sometimes, when I see people who are so naive they have no sense of what’s going on, it seems that they grew up sheltered and I’m jealous.

Really? I’m never jealous.

You can’t endure cheesiness, can you?

Waaa! I truly can’t stand it.

I’ll ask you a cheesy question. There are many “I want to live Suzy’s life even for a day” comments on SNS.


If you could be someone else for a day, who would you choose?

Hehe (laughs).

It’s too cheesy, right?

I never thought about it. Wouldn’t it be too hard to go back in time even for just one day? I’ll just live as myself.

It’s an answer only you could say.

Well, saying this doesn’t mean I’m 100% satisfied with who I am.



Translation: @thesunnytown


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