[September 2016 – Allure] Suzy – Scent of an attractive woman – Interview



As I watched No Eul in “Uncontrollably Fond”, I felt an overlap with So Yeon from the movie “Architecture 101”. These characters have a serene face, but they also have an extreme realistic dimension. There must be a reason for you to be attracted to this kind of role, right?

When I choose a role, I follow my instinct and go with what my heart tells me. According to the situation, the role that I want changes, but it’s true that my heart goes more to characters looking like me. It was the same with No Eul.

You said No Eul is the character that looks like you the most so far.

Regardless of the role I play, my friends usually find my personality in the role. I cannot completely dissociate myself from the character I play. No Eul was a brighyt little girl overflowing with a sense of justice. She changed as she experienced hardships. Her life is hard to handle, but the way she behaves like she doesn’t care and she’s cool about it makes it even sadder. I wanted to show this side of her. No Eul is an icon of pseudo-wicked behavior. She’s not actually wicked, but she tries to look like she is. I wondered how to make such aspect lovable, and I thought about changing my voice tone after remembering how it sounds when I’m angry.

What’s the hardest part about acting?

More than talking about a difficult aspect, I’d say it was hard to broaden the range of changing emotions. Doing aegyo and pretending to be cute after being coold, then crying hard, it wasn’t easy to act all these emotions at once. It’s true. It broke my heart when she calms herself down after being cold to her little brother over the phone and hanging up. The scene I remember the most is the last scene of epsiode 1 when Joon Young and No Eul stand in the street and stare at each other. This scene gave me goosebumps and I liked it ever since I read the script. This scene with No Eul and Joon Young stunned me and made me feel that it completely showed in an implicite way why the drama was titled “Uncontrollably Fond”.

You’re the youngest among the actors of “Uncontrollably Fond”, but I heard you opened your heart and were like the older sister.

I tend to take care of others. (laughs) In the past, I usually tried to calm myself on my own, even when I was struggling. These days, I just talk about everything. Speaking to someone itself puts me at ease. Because I know the feeling, I try to be a good listener to others.

Being an actor is a job in which you must always become a new character. Do you have your own technique to assimilate a role in its entirety?

Of course, I took acting lessons, but I watch a lot of documentaries showing the real life of people. I can’t directly experience everyone’s life, so I feel it indirectly as I watch these documentaries. I think documentaries show true emotions that can’t be felt with books or movies.

Is there a documentary that made a deep impression on you?

I enjoy watching “I Want To Know This Thing”. (laughs) I specifically enjoyed “Human Documentary: Love 2016” which was about short track speed racer Ahn Hyun Soo. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it a couple of times.

It seems that you read a lot too. I was surprised when you said you read an entire book on the flight to Melbourne.

When I go on a long flight, I buy a few books at the airport. This time, I bought “Exercises to not react/respond” because I want to discipline my heart. (laughs)

You debuted when you were a teenager and now you’re spending your 20’s as an artist. Compared to your peers, ut seems that there are more things you must discipline your heart about.

As you get more experience, your approach to behavior, to life gets more and more different.

And if you had to describe your own personality?

I have a bright side and a dark side. When I’m all by myself, I sometimes get lost into thinking about just one thing. I’m good at letting go, but I can be sensitive and stubborn too. In one word, I have a tiring personality. (laughs)

There’s a new nickname going around these days. Moomo-gongnyeo [t/n: I looked it up. I think it means reckless princess]

Haha. Is there such nickname? I’m even embarrassed to talk about how to take care of oneself. I don’t go often to the dermatologist becase I’m sensitive. When I think about my know-hows, it’s to use cold to finish washing up your face? I wash my face every day with cold water until my skin is cold. I put my makeup products in the refrigerator and I use it when it’s cold. Regardless of the season!

You also sang the OST of this drama. I’m always surprised when you sing. I feel like your singing skills get depreciated because of your looks.


I don’t think this way. I mean there are more sides of my personality that I will be able to show you in the future, so it will be better as an actress, as a singer. However, even if I hadn’t been an artist, I would have probably been a singer somewhere anyway.

Between your acting career and your singing career, which one would you choose to center your life around?

Both are exactly the same center for me. When I’m acting, I want to be on stage and sing. When I’m doing my singing activities, I want to film a project. It’s like asking to choose between jjajangmyeon and jjambboong. It’s too hard because they’re both delicious!

You were in charge of the music in the car during our stay in Melbourne.

When I’m into a song, I keep listening to it. “For Now” by Kwon Jin Ah and Eddy Kim really goes well with the cool air of this place. I’ve been listening to As One’s new album every day lately. I really like “How Does It Hurt?” and “Don’t Wither”.

What did you think of the road in Melbourne? It’s midwinter here.

It’s a weather I really enjoy! I missed the sensation of cool air on my skin. I walked around freely. I remember Hosier Lane covered with graffitis. Ah, I liked it so much that I can’t pick out one single place.

Every time we asked you what you wanted to do, you said you wanted to go see animals. What do you usually do on your days off?

I go for a drive on my own. It already happened that I drove all the way to Paldangdaem while listening to music. Driving is one kind of shelter.

You seem to be very lonely.

There are times when I want to leave this feeling of loneliness and exhaustion alone and just go with it. There are time when I make efforts to overcome it. I don’t know the right answer. The time when these emotions like this will calm down, right?

As an actress, as a woman, which future do you dream of?

I wanted to become an actress who is true. To create this “ah, this person is the real deal” feeling. On a personal level, I want to live a happy life. I can focus on my job and work like crazy, I can also get married. I’m still not sure yet, but I don’t want to live a life intertwined with others’. I want to live my life in my own sincerity.


Translation: @thesunnytown


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