September – The Sunny Talk

Hello sunshine!

Yes, summer is definitely over. It is time to go back to school and work… * LE SIGH * However it means it’s also time to turn a new leaf and start a new chapter for the Sunny Town. Like I said, I have a job now, so I won’t be able to focus on the blog as much as I used to, but I want to keep it going.

I know I said I would no longer post French articles, but I will do it once in a while. I was told French => English Google translator makes it easy to have a good grasp of what I write, so you can still read what I write. Yay! From now on, I will focus on a small of set of translations and let you decide which one you want to read. I will try to get them done each month. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you think:

Female celebrities

May 2016 – Kim Jung Eun – Grazia
July 2016 – Anda – Arena
August 2016 – KittiB & Jace – 10Asia
September 2016 – Ahn So Hee – Marie Claire
September 2016 – Park So Dam – Elle

Male celebrities

June 2016 – Gong Yoo – @star1
July 2016 – Park Ki Woong – Women focus
June 2016 – Lee Sang Woo – Arena
August 2016 – G2 Reddy – Grazia


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kfangurl says:

    Congrats on a new chapter in life and blogging, Sunny!! Thanks for still giving time to translating interviews – it definitely is appreciated by international fans who aren’t able to read the interviews in Korean. ❤ All the best at school and work – fightinggg~!! *fist pump*

  2. Jey2702 says:

    Congrats!!! I love your job I really appreciate it . I enjoy all interviews you have translated.Please give us Han Hyo Joo Interview GRAZIA KOREA September Issue.chaebal!! XD thanks you in advance

  3. Myra says:

    Thank you for this poll, hope everything is going well for you 🙂

  4. nico says:

    Hello, I just wanted to drop by and say a huge thank you for your hard work 😀

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