Kang Dong Won vs. Gong Yoo, the 2016 box-office champion?

His goal for this year is to become the “most successful actor at the box-office”. “I do want to be, but I’m also competing against Gong Yoo-hyung, so… (laughs) I must beat him. Haha.”
Excerpt from Kang Dong Won’s interview with Cine21.

Reading Kang Dong Won’s interview got me more and more curious. Kang Dong Won vs. Gong Yoo, what would be their box-office result?

* Filmography and box-office numbers are taken from the Korean Film Council’s reports.

From “My Tutor Friend” shot with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul to the successful “Train to Busan” and “The Age of Shadows” released this year, Gong Yoo’s filmography is made of 12 movies. From “Too Beautiful To Lie” released in 2004 to “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”, “Master” scheduled to be released this year, Kang Dong Won shot 17 movies.

So far, Kang Dong Won’s movies in which he played a lead role sold 46 million tickets, Gong Yoo’s movies sold 38 million tickets overall. Kang Dong Won was about 8 million tickets ahead, but with the hit movies “Train To Busan” and “The Age of Shadows” both released this year, Gong Yoo ended up being 9 million tickets ahead in 2016.

* Kang Dong Won’s box-office results in 2016: about 9,700,000 + [unknown number] (“A Violent Prosecutor”, “Vanishing Time” and “Master”). // Gong Yoo’s box-office results in 2016: about 18,900,000 tickets with “A Man and a Woman”, “Train To Busan”, “The Age of Shadows”.

Gong Yoo’s new drama “Goblin” is about to get broadcast in December while Kang Dong Won will meet the audience through his movies “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned” in November and “Master” in December. Each movie must sell more than 4,5 million tickets for Kang Dong Won to “beat his Gong Yoo-hyung” this year.


But there’s someone else to count in if Kang Dong Won wants to win it all? Hwang Jung Min whom he shot the movie “A Violent Prosecutor” with drew in (with his 2016 movies) about 1,9 million people more than Gong Yoo.

The question is: with his two movies about to premiere, will Kang Dong Won be able to beat Gong Yoo as well as Hwang Jung Min?

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