[November 2016 – Elle] Lee Yeon Hee – Interview


The drama “The Package”… The story is about travelers travelling in Paris, France. Each character has its own issue to deal with. I portray Yoon So So, their guide. We will go to Paris next week to shoot the drama, so I’m excited like I’m going on a real trip.

Is Paris a city you’re familiar with? When I was 26, Paris is the first place I went to when I traveled all by myself for the first time. After that, I went back often and I even want to live there sometimes. Paris just has this specific romance atmosphere. It’s there regardless of what you do. It’s nice to drink a cup of coffee on a terrasse in the morning, to be around people and spending a nice time sunbathing in a park.

You become anonymous in an unfamiliar place? No matter where I go here, there are always people who recognize me. When I’m done shooting a project, I travel in order to be away from the gazes focusing on me. I like this feeling of unfamiliarity. My personality turns active. To the point I even keep starting conversations with people I meet for the first time.

As you’re studying French? I’m at the beginner’s level. I started because I wondered if it would help me while travelling in France. However, people over there don’t really understand me (laugh)s. It seems that the writer of “The Package” overestimated me. I feel the pressure because I have many lines in French.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “travel guide”? I actually tried a package tour. Travel guides truly have great storytelling skills. There’s nothing they don’t know, they constantly give info about the place we’re visiting. It was fun and it wasn’t boring. Seeing them speak and express themselves as they conveyed these explanations made me feel like they were definitely actors. I’m awfully shy, so it’s hard for me to meet new people, but I hope this aspect of my personality will improve while filming this drama.

I wonder if you won’t naturally become a tour guide once you’re shooting in Paris. Your fellow actors will probably ask you about nice restaurants, nice places to visit. It does seem it will be like this (laughs). I will try to help them as much as I can with what I know so they can spend a nice time. When I travel with my friends, I’m also the one who does the planning and prepares things.

And now you’re shooting a travel-themed drama? It’s a comedy full of twists you can’t imagine from the beginning to the end. You may think everything is perfectly prepared before you leave, but the reality is the complete opposite. I’m curious how I would get out of such situations if it were me.

Acting is about experiencing a life different from yours. Which role made you feel a lot of emotions? While shooting the drama “Miss Korea”, I discovered a lot of myself I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t have a lot of screen time, but being in “Gu’s Family Book” also made me go through a lot of emotions. My character ran away, overcame death and even gave birth (laughs).

If you were to choose to travel with a character you played? Lee Da Ji I played in “Paradise’s Ranch”. I think it would be nice to go around with someone with a bright and positive mind. She would solve the problems. Haha.

What would someone enjoy if they lived your life? Red carpets! It’s always stressful and exciting. My heart beats like crazy until I get off the car and start walking down the red carpet.

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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