[March 2017 – Marie Claire] Park Sung Jin – Interview

In his March feature, Marie Claire Korea mentions the 4 trendy Korean male models right now. I will only post about Park Sung Jin. If you want to know about the other three, make the request.


You’re ranked 27 on the Modelsdotcom international model ranking. Your status as a Korean model is oustanding. What is the biggest change you went through as you extended your career to the international scene?

Going through all these experiences kind of made me figure out a bit of how this works. I feel like I’m more experienced. One of the other changes is that my entourage became smaller but deeper.

You have a lot of SNS followers. So it means there are that many people watching your daily life.

I’m a model so, I think it’s natural that people show interest about my life at some extent. However, what I hate is the fact anyone judge what I say or don’t say. My job is one thing, SNS is another one. SNS is only about people I like, my happy moments, my angry moments, it’s about moments of my daily life and the stuff I want to say.

Where do you usually get your energy from?

I’m not really stressed out. My worry is over the moment I think that something might give me some stress because I say to myself “this is not important to me”.

What do you do on your days off?

Even when not working, a model must always get prepared to work whenever. This job is about waiting. When I’m in Korea, I usually go to the gym or I spend time with my girlfriend. Althought I do the exact the same things, this kind of moments are very precious to me and I enjoy them.

I’m curious to hear about your taste.

I’m precise about what I like. I like horror movies. I watched nearly every horror movie in the Rotten Tomatoes ranking. I’m not talking about movies that just scare you with a ghost or a monster. I prefer movies that make the audience feel uneasy. I enjoyed watching the 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby”. Recently, I also liked the Australian movie “Babadook”.


What gives you an emotional inspiration?

Felix Vallotton’s paintings move me. I liked his work so much that I even went to New Zealand to attend a special exhibition. I’m not that much inspired by contemporary art or design. I’m seeking practical aesthetics these days. I like the beauty in spaces filled only with practical things.

Where did you enjoy travel?

As a vacation spot, I liked Krabi island in Thailand, Vieques in Puerto Rico. My favorite city is Tokyo. I walk around comfortably, the food is delicious.

What would you never make compromises about?

I have never made compromises. I only think about what I like, I only do what I want to do. Even if it doesn’t pay off, as long as it’s something that I enjoy doing, I’ll do it because if I made the wrong choice, I’m the one taking responsibility for my mistake.

Marie Claire
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