[April 2017 – Elle] Shin Min Ah – More Than Beauty – Interview


For today’s photo shoot, we focused only on the concept “Shin Min Ah”. How does it feel to stand in front of a white blank background? I felt a sense of burden because I had to do the whole thing. However, I realized you get refrained when the concept or the items are too clearly defined. That’s why I feel more comfortable with a photo shoot like the one we did today. It was fun.

This short hairsyle looks good on you. I was still debating what my next project would be, so I just decided to cut my hair and I did it. I’ve always liked the bob style, but I couldn’t easily cut my hair because of my roles. I always had long hair in my previous roles, so once my latest drama was over, I wanted to do what pleased me. Besides, my hair was really in bad condition.

Your acting was so lovable in “With You Tomorrow” when your character Song Ma Lin was drunk. It was to the point to say “as expected from Shin Min Ah”. Meanwhile, it was also nice to see your funny antics with the mom or you as a strong woman taking a break when her life doesn’t go as planned. In the early stage, you see how
human Ma Lin is. I also thought it was interesting. Regardless if it’s in a movie or a drama, a woman you could meet in reality, I think a character that could have experienced what I felt or could have felt what I felt is a bit more attractive. As in, I know this feeling too, so I’m a bit more confident about how to portray it.

In the scenario, a reporter asks Song Ma Lin “what was the most motivating moment of your life?”. If you were asked the same question? My answer should be starting this job, right? Being recognized by the public, if you put it into words, it’s extremely motivating. I can’t really picture myself doing something else.

You became a model at a young age, it was probably not easy to experience the life changes and challenges, right? I debuted as a model when I was 15. It was natural to feel awkward as I turned into an actress because it happened before I had a clear vision of my own identity or my vision of this job. I set myself a goal and I was really adamant about running to that goal. When I was young, parting ways with strangers I had created something with, stuff like this was really hard to deal with. However, I think now that acting is a job and it’s just part of my life, like friends are.

When you look at your filmography, are there things you feel sad about or that you’re proud about? If I think about what makes me sad, there’s just no end to it. This job is a repeating cycle of me getting a new role, trying my best to portray it and seeing how the outcome is received. I have a sense of responsibility. If I think about it a lot, I will keep having a hard time. I want to pick the right roles offered to me and try my best.

You’re a star that women and men both love. Usually, the stars men love get the opposite reaction from women, but you have this appeal to make other women like you and say they want to be like you. When my friends call me for an autograph and say “this person likes you so much”, there are actually a lot of women who are a bit older than me. It makes me happy. When you see a woman like you and you think she’s awesome or you want to look like her. I’m thankful and I’m happy that they see me through a charm that is more than basic sex appeal.

Which kind of charm are you attraced to? When I was young, I was attracted to people with some
wild behavior or with some special skills. However, I think we can say today I’m in an healthy state of mind. Be it a man or a woman, I think I find charming those who have self confidence, who are confident about what they do. There are people who make you think “this person has a great life”. I’m not talking about those who live well because they earn a lot of money. I’m talking about people who enjoy their life to the fullest.

Are you like this? I’m making efforts to. My happiness standard is very diverse. I think happiness coming from materialistic things or fanciness is lonely. If you feel happiness only when you accomplish great things, you struggle a lot when you’re not achieving something. When it rains for a few days and the sun suddenly appears, this is what gives me a sense of happiness. I try to think a lot about such small happiness. It’s not the standard the world defined, but there are people who seem to have some peace of mind like that. It turns out that there’s an answer with very small things.

What do you usually do when you have some free time? I’m not the type to go through a daily routine from AM to PM and move all the time. Still, it’s not I just do nothing and laze around. I definitly do at least one thing each day. Even if it’s just going to the dermatologist or the beauty salon (laughs). I like reading books, I especially enjoy mystery novels. There’s nothing better but having all these miscellaneous thoughts. I’m watching a lot of travelling channels these days.

Where do you want to go? I wonder how it’d feel like to go on a trip on my own. I spent a month
or two in New York all by myself once, but I never did a real backpacking trip. It can be satisfying to watch it on TV, but I wonder what it’d feel like to pack up my bag, go to places closer to nature while walking around or driving around a rental car.

There are many movies and dramas using the “time travel” trope. It makes people want to change their own life. How about you? Are you curious about your future? I’m curious. I followed my friends once to a
fortune teller shop (laughs). But if we could travel to the future like in a drama, I think I wouldn’t go because it’d be standing in the way of what’s supposed to be good and what’s supposed to be bad. I do think it’d be nice to go back in time, though.

Do you have any specific memory from your childood? I was around 10 or 11? I have very vivid memories from that time. I also have school memories. I remember even more the songs or dramas that were popular when I was young. I think it’s when I started paying attention to those things.

The future you never want to meet and you refuse to imagine? Regretting my life. While self-accusing or blaming and hating others.


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