[July 2017 – Marie Claire] Jung So Min – Hide and Ride – Interview



T/n: I only translated the Jung So Min interview. If you want me to translate Lee Jun’s, let me know. 🙂

“My Father is Strange” ratings went over 31%. Why do you think this drama is receiving so much support from the mainstream audience?

First of all, I think it’s because the different storylines have their own charm. I think the story of each character is exciting. I’m definitely curious to find out what happens every time I read the script of the next episode. And more than anything I think it’s thanks to the viewers who enjoy watching it and keep showing interest.

Do you know there’s a “Byun Mi Young” [t/n: her character in the drama] profile on Twitter? It’s an ordinary person who runs this Twitter account as Byun Mi Young. This shows how charming this character is. What do you have in common with Byun Mi Young and what are the differences between the two of you?

I knew early there was a Twitter account run by a Byun Mi Young. I don’t use Twitter, but I just had to look it up afterwards. I’m so thankful. I think the person I am right now has a lot of common with Byun Mi Young. She’s very different from the oneI used to be. It’s not that my sensitivity is going away, but my mindset is almost close to a sloth. I’m similar to Mi Young for many things.

Once her dream of becoming a judo athlete crumbled, she became an intern manager after being unemployed for a long time. Was there a time when you also held out for a long time to get something?

Well, acting as a job gives me the feeling of always being unemployed. When I get a role, I’m employed. But until then, it feels like I’m an unemployed person who keeps making efforts and getting prepared to be employed.

Have you ever thought about the job you would have chosen if you hadn’t been an actress?

To be honest, I can’t imagine myself not being an actress. I really like what I do. It’s fun and I enjoy it. The difficulties coming along with it aren’t little, but I handle them as much as I love this job. If I weren’t an actress, wouldn’t have I made use of my original major and be a modern dancer?

In the story, you work as an entertainment agency manager. Now that you’ve experienced this point of view, how do you feel now?

Even when we’re not shooting, I unconsciously shout “Actor Ahn!”. For someone like me who got car doors open for her and who was taken care of by others, this situation is very funny and refreshing. I thought to myself that I should take care more of my manager who works hard.

More than half of the episodes have been broadcast. Your character and Ahn Jong Hee haven’t confirmed their feelings yet. If they decide to be romantically involved, how would a date scene be?

Just walking around and holding hands? It’s my fantasy.

How is it working with Lee Jun?

I couldn’t ask for more. He’s/it’s the best.

From “Daddy’s Daughter” to “My Father is Strange”, you portrayed characters with distinct personalities. What kind of roles would you like to try?

A sometimes icy, sometimes heartwarming story. And I want to portray an ordinary woman in her mid-20’s.


Marie Claire
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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