[July 2017 – Marie Claire] Lee Joon – Hide and Ride – Interview



I heard you went through filming on rainy days for a week. You’re here for the photo shoot, but what do you usually do [when you’re not filming]?

First, I sleep. My desire to sleep is very strong. I want to give you an interesting answer, but I’m currently filming so I really have no time to myself. When I’m not sleeping, I’m reading the script. And I sometimes post on Instagram (laughs). I started this recently, so it’s fun.

It was a bit unexpected that you shot a typical weekend family drama. When did you decide that you should accept the role?

I had never been in such a long project. Mini series are usually 16 episodes, so a drama like this is like 3 times longer. I was curious. I wondered if I’d do well and I got worried, but I also said to myself that I would learn a
lot of things too. Because when it’s a mini series, it also happens that it’s only toward the end that you think you portray perfectly the character. Here, there are 50 episodes, so I thought it could be an experience of developing the character step by step. I think the age group of the audience I reach is also getting wider. When the news came out, my grandmother was very happy. I fulfilled my filial duty. (laughs)

It seems that the atmosphere set is different from your previous projects. What do you think?

In the beginning, my character required many scenes that I had to shoot alone. I didn’t get many opportunities in the beginning to experience the atmosphere I anticipated. Even now, to be honest, except for the scenes in Han Su (Kim Young Chul)’s household, almost all my scenes are with Mi Young (Jung So Min). The scenes within Han Su’s home are weekly shot in the KBS Studio and the profesionnal mindset of all the actors and staff got me in awe. Although there are so many people working there, filming goes smoothly with almost no problem. That’s how acting with true emotions survive. I’m really learning a lot from these experienced people.

You play actor Ahn Joong Hee who is an idol turned actor who struggles because of his bad acting skills. You did become a trusted actor, but there was probably a time when you also had the worries Ahn Joong Hee had. How did you go through it?


You mean I was a bad actor? (laughs) A lot of people remember me as someone who debuted as a singer, but I actually debuted first in the movie “Ninja Assassin” and I’ve kept filming steadily since. All I hope is that you see me as my character. My point wasn’t to act with excessive emotions.

Is there a scene among the bad acting you portrayed [in the drama] that particularly remember ?

In the drama “Oh My Boss” [?] filmed within the drama, there was this scene in which I had to give a loving affectionate gaze to the actress I was playing with. In this scene, Joong Hee didn’t get it because he was a character with no feeling. The viewers liked the scene. We shot different versions, and the reaction to the melo scene was actually “this is Tae Oh”, Tae Oh being a character I played in a previous project [t/n: “Gap-Dong”]. To be honest, the bad acting scenes got me wondering how to portray them. Should I do it as if I were reading the script, laugh with exaggeration? Joong Hee is a fancy character on the outside, but he’s lonely inside. Since I even had to portray bad acting skills, it was really hard to move back and forth along this emotional line.

Ahn Joong Hee is traumatized because he doesn’t feel his father’s affection and he’s deprived from it. Is there something you feel deprived of in real life?

Not particularly. Even if there were, it’s something no one but me should know. (laughs)

You also portray a melo love story with Jung So Min. What do you feel when you act with her?

There aren’t a lot of sweet moments yet. Joong Hee is in a complicated and confusing situation. When he looks at Mi
Youngie out of awareness, when he’s aware of his own actions after being disarmed, he blames himself and goes crazy. I hope the difference in emotions will look natural to those who watch. So Min is really a great actress. She’s delightful and takes care of her partners. I think that when you see her portraying Mi Youngie, the “Mi Youngie” that can seem a bit frustrating will be even more lovable.

In the drama, your character Ahn Joong Hee is a “chundere” [t/n: a guy who acts cold but has a big heart] to Mi Young. How are you in real life when you’re with the woman you like?

I treat her well. Because I put all my heart and soul into it. (laughs)

It was rare to see you aside from the dramas and movies you shot. I don’t really know you. Are you the movie type, the music type, the book type?

The competition is close between movies and music.

The movie you enjoyed watching the most and the music you enjoyed listening to the most lately?

The movie “Beauty and the Beast” and the song “Quit” by Cashmere Cat.

What do you like to do the most?

Chill at home.

It’s July. Do you plan to take a break, even just a little, once “My Father is Strange” is over? If you can, what do you want to do?

I said I wanted to take some time with my fans first right after the drama is over. I’m not at the stage when I can reveal in details what my plans are, but a fanmeeting is being organized in Korea. After that, I just want to stay at home and rest. I’m a homebody.


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