[September 2017 – Elle] Suzy – Blooming Interview



How does it feel to be back in Roma for a photo shoot? One of my favorite movies is “Roman Holiday”. It’s about a princess bored with her daily life. Wouldn’t walking around Roma, eating gelator and shopping make her happy? Of course, I’m here for a photo shoot, but I tried to be in this “vacation” mindset in Roma. I did many photo shoots with a dreamlike settingg or a classic atmosphere. This concept allowed me to show a bright energy coming from inside, so I enjoyed it and it was fun.

You’re busy filming a drama these days. “While You Were Sleeping” will air in September. It’s a preproduced drama. We’ve been filming for three months and I’m waiting to shoot the final stage.

It’s the first time you work again with writer Park Hye Ryun whom you worked with for “Dream High”. When I was shooting “Uncontrollably Fond”, I read only the synopsis and the script of the first episode. I thought to myself “I must definitely do it”. I didn’t know if I’d regret not taking a break and going back to another filming set right away, but I really wanted to work again with this writer, and the theme was fresh too. When I choose a role, I worry about many stuff. I usually go “can I really portray this character well? can I really lead this story?”. However, I made up my mind right away for this role.

You play Hong Joo. How would you describe it? Do you give your affection to a character when it’s similar to your own personality? (I can’t give a lot of details, but) She’s a woman who can foresee in her when something bad happens to someone. I used to be attracted to similar characters, but I think I’m multifaceted. I was attracted to Hong Joo’s character because it can allow me to show a lot of things different from my image.

You’re in full activity as you’ve worked on the big screen and on TV. Is there one project that sticks out in your memories like a sore thumb? From “Dream High” to “Architecture 101”, “Gu Family Book”, “The Sound of Flower”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, I loved everything I did. If I were to choose just one, it’d be “Dream High”? It was when I started acting and I had no proper preparation. I had such a crazy schedule back then. There were many actors of my age on the set, so it was fun, and there was intensity. The director scolded me a lot. My acting skills were lacking, so I was really not satisfied, but it turned out to be an important opportunity in my life to make me who I am today. It was the most interesting as well as the hardest project I’ve ever done in my life.


Do you feel you have improved every time you finish a project? From “The Sound of Flower” to “Uncontrollably Fond”, the audience reaction was cold, but these roles actually helped me to improve as an actress. When I was a rookie, all I had in mind was “I must work hard no matter what”, but I think my affection toward to the project was a bit small. Compared to the past, I have now a free mindset that allows me to focus on the project and I think I have more affection for them because there are many things allowing me to choose lead roles.

What makes you the happiest the most these days? I think I’m the happiest when I have a beer after
getting off work. I drink alone sometimes, but moments spent talking with my friends are the happiest ones. I also
enjoy going for a drive.

What do you do when you have free time or to relieve stress? I don’t have specific hobbies. I think getting into a proper hobby would force me to take long breaks. I’ve always an unsteady schedule, so I never got the opportunity to do something constantly.

Is there something in particular you’d like to study? I want to learn extreme sports such as climbing buildings with bare hands, parkour or racing. I’m not good at manual feminine activities.

It’s unexpected. Weren’t you called “Suzy, the nation first love, youth icon”? I think my movie role played a lot in that. I have this unruly side about many things, but I don’t want to go “this is isn’t who I am” because it matches the image the audience thinks I am (laughs). One thing, though. To be, a character just about being feminine isn’t attractive. It’s more about making feel it’d be fun to try various things instead of being limited to just one image.

After your debut in 2010, you’ve been working nonstop as a miss A member, an actress, a solo singer. In the end, you’ve established the Suzy power in the acting and singing fields. Is it okay to call this “success”?
I’ve been working since my teenage days. Fame and wealth came into my life at an age when you don’t usually have them, so I could also think of a situation in a superficial way. Instead of thinking “I must accomplish something great”, I say to myself I want to keep moving forward in this path of work that I keep loving. If I don’t get tired and I find my balance, I think I’ll be able to call it “success”, but I think it’s still a bit early to say this yet.

You debuted 7 years ago. If you worked in a company, you’d reach the status between the associate manager and the head manager. How long will you work? Head manager Bae Suzy? I tink it fits me well. Haha. I want
to keep doing this as long as I feel the fun. It was my sincere dream. I was able to begin after making countless efforts to make this dream come true. However, there are times when I do feel like “this isn’t what I was thinking about”. When I get tired in moments like this, there are times when I forget what I wanted to do. Of course, there are moments when I step out there for the world to see and I get hurt by those whose job is to judge, but shouldn’t I keep going the job that is about “fun” for me?

Have you already thought about 30-year-old Suzy? I think it’s getting closer. When I’m 30, I probably won’t worry about my surroundings including my acting activities and my mindset will be a bit freer, right? What won’t change is that I’ll be doing what I enjoy doing. In the past, I set myself long-term goals. I’ve come to realize that each day is about improvement about 1 year, 5 years from now. When I’m in a positive mindset, I think “this day went well, so won’t my future be okay too?”. On the other hand, when I’m in a negative mindset, there are also times when I think “let’s just manage to put up with it today”.

Ageing is a part of this job too. Sometimes, I hink to myself that I hope my wrinkles will be beautiful as I get older. They show one’s longevity, so they hold this emotional beauty at times. Facial expressions properly show themselves as we get older, right? I’m curious to see how my life will change. I’m still not worried about wrinkles yet, so it could happen, but I have no confidence that my face will be free of surgery for my winkles (laughs). Still, I hate artificial stuff.

Do you have any life motto or value that never changes? Being natural is nice in any situation. I
mean expressing myself in a natural way, with no artifice. Even if I weren’t an entertainer, I wouldn’t be able not to care about how the people I have a relationship with see me or their values. I can hope, but I don’t want to force things. I want to think and behave naturally.

Do you know that “natural” and “fun” are the words you’ve used the most in today’s interview. When I’m into a book, a movie or a song, I dig into it until I get tired of it, but there are times when I get easily bored. The fact that I’m able to work in various fields such as singing and acting, the fact that I can break away from that in a fun way like photo shoots, the fact I seek new things every time and give them a try, this is the life vitality that creates “fun”. Because worrying about this or that, but having positive thinking, doing the work that I love even when I can easily get annoyed, me not being able to make sense sometimes, this what makes the “natural” Suzy.


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