[January 2018 – Marie Claire Korea] Jang Ki Yong – His tactics – Interview



It’s been a while since you did a magazine photo shoot. So what do you think of what we see of you on TV these days since you used to be only in magazines?

There are many thrilling moments when I see myself on TV. Even when I was a kid, I didn’t have one specific dream except for what the teacher told me to do like what we all do. My dream of becoming a model was born in high school as I watched a fashion show video by chance. Regardless of modeling or acting, I always thought being in front of a camera would be nice, but when I see myself on TV now, all I can think of if how I should do better in my next project to make up for everything I lack of in the current project I am in.

You received a lot of attention for your role as Jung Nam Gil. A lot of married women left comments like “sorry to the baby, but I’d just choose Jung Nam Gil”.

Since the preparation stage, my focus was on being able to portray the first love image in a good way. I don’t know if that’s what I managed to convey well, but mothers who raised a child liked the character. I read all the comments and they gave me strength. Even when I was filming, reading comments like “I miss my first love” or that they remembered old memories got me thinking “I managed to bring the character to life”.

In the drama, Jang Nam Gil loves Jin Joo, but he let her go to Ban Do (Sohn Ho Joon). If it were you, would you be able to give up on your love for someone you love?

If I really loved the woman, I’d probably act like Nam Gil. If I just like her and want to date her, I’d tell her to dump Ban Do and to be with me. However, if you honestly love someone, I think you’d do what Nam Gil did.

Even if it hurts me?

This is inevitable.

You shot many scenes with Jang Nara, so this must have been a big influence on your acting. How did your acting change now that filming is over?

With Jang Nara-sunbaenim, I learned about acting of course, but also about how to be more comfortable in front of a camera. She always taught me things on set, things I remembered and I used the next day. That’s why I was really at ease during this filming. I even think I’ll do even better for my next project. I think portraying a good character in a great drama and getting so much attention for it gave me some kind of confidence. When I was young, I thought it’d be better to learn by getting back to work fast, getting a new role and working with great sunbaenims instead of taking a break. That’s why I started going to auditions as soon as filming was over and fortunately I got accepted, so I’ll be starting filming my next project next week.

It feels like you’re not greedy and roles you can play come to you here and there. When do you get to think that you should be more dedicated to acting?

All the time. It often happened that it fell short of my expectation. In my previous dramas, most of the characters I played made a brief appearance because of a sudden situation and just disappeared. With “Confession Couple”, it was my first time having to work with the lead actress and portraying her “first love” made it even more meaningful.

It seems that you’re gaining flexibility step by step. There are probably many roles you want to try.

When I think “I can do well at this one”, I just want to challenge myself. With the proper preparation if I get the opportunity, I want to try any kind of role. Hm, ever since I was a child, I always had this belief that I have something inside of me, that I do what I’m supposed to do.

Although you didn’t have a concrete dream to accomplish?

Even without have a concrete dream. I always had this stiffling feeling right between my heart and my solar plexus. I had to make it go away and I wondered how and I ended up choosing this path by chance. Even now I’m still taking out the pieces one by one of that thing inside of me.

If you could go back in time like in “Confession Couple”, which time of your life would you like to go back to?

I’m young, so going back in my past now… If I could travel in time, I’d like to go to the future instead of the past. Right before I die. I’d have lived all my life by then, so getting to see my son and my grandson would mean that I reached my glory days because I’d have lived to see all of them. When I’d look back to my 20’s, I’d be able to say “I played this role when no one else could. I really liked it” and when my son turns 50, I might get to tell him “I had a big fight with my wife when I was that age, haha”. I think it’d be worth it if I can see with my own eyes that I had a good life.

Your next project is “My Ahjussi”. It’s a project that created a lot of expectation since the beginning.

Because it will be directed by the director who shot “Misaeng” and “Signal” and the scenario will be written by “Oh Hae Young Again”, I didn’t care iof the role was a big or small, I wanted to do it no matter what.

What did you hear about the auditions?

I heard later on that I was the only one who went to the second round of auditions. I was really happy when I heard that. My acting skills still fall short a little, but I think I was a good match for the character the writer and the director had in mind. I feel like I’ll show something that will appeal to the audience, so I’m happy to prepare for it.

You turn 27 this year. I felt strange when I turned 27, how do you feel?

I don’t think too much about my age. Because I think it’s just the natural course of life. I think time flies by. I still remember taking my college entrance exam like it was yesterday.

How close are you to the image of the adult you thought you’d be?

When I was a kid, I only had a vague idea of how I’d be as an adult. It seems that I imagined this just a couple of days ago. I’m already at this age, so this is a bit scary actually. 2017 is the first year to have something big going on in my career and live it with my family. It feels that it was not long ago, but I did a tvN drama in May, I shot “Confession Couple” in August, so 2017 was over before I knew it. I mean, when “My Ahjusshi” is over, the first semester of 2018 will be gone. I tell myself I shouldn’t stand there gawking. I’m that young, so there might be more things I can challenge myself with, there will probably be more trials and errors. These experiences will be mine and make me who I am. Because I’m still young, I try to keep a positive mindset when obstacles come my way. I handle it by telling myself “this can make me grow a bit more. Although I’m having a hard time right now, this will bring me growth if I overcome it”.

How would you like to spend 2018?

I hope it will be a comfortable year. It’s easy to say, but I think overthinking things and worrying a lot won’t make things better. In this new year, I want to think a bit less, get a bit of a free mindset and control myself to put myself at ease. After that, I think work is the only thing I can mention. I want to work without taking a break.

Marie Claire
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    Could you please transate this kim go eun’s interview with esquire? I’ve been searching for the translation but no result ๐Ÿ˜ข So many fans want to read her interview ๐Ÿ™we’ll be very thankful if you’re willing to translate it for us…

    http://esquirekorea.co.kr/people/๊ทธ-๋ˆ„๊ตฌ๋„-์•„๋‹Œ-๊น€๊ณ ์€/

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