[May 2018 – Cosmopolitan] Sam Hammington and Sam Okyere – TwoSamTV – Interview


The beginning of “TwoSam TV” 

Sam Hammington (Hammington)  To be honest, the overall mold was getting created as we appeared in TV programs, but we can’t actually do things the way we want to when on TV. Besides, we’re foreigners, so we’re limited in many ways, but we can share about many topics in the way we want to when it comes to our personal contents. We decided to start this project because we thought this was was the way for us to progress. 

Sam Okyere (Okyere) Young people don’t really watch TV these days. Everything they watch is on the internet. So we wondered if we should follow this trend and if we could use the internet to show our unique style to the public in a natural way and that’s how we started our Youtube channel.

The Sam & Sam collaboration

Okyere I’ve been doing variety shows with Sam and it’s weird how our personalities match. We both have distinct personalities, but when we’re together, there’s great chemistry, so we thought it’d be even more interesting to do this together. To be honest, I feel like there wouldn’t be the same chemistry if I had started this Youtube thing with someone else. It’s because it’s him that we match each other so well and we have fun while  doing this.

Hammington  I watched Sam in a variety program called “Island Teacher” and I thought I should definitely meet him.  We have the same name, it felt like it was destiny. I think everything about us match. because our personalities don’t overlap and are distinctive.

‘Two Sam” ‘s character

Okyere I’m much younger than Sam, so I think I’m the “prankster” in this. I overflow with energy, so there are times when it burns.

Hammington I’m married. I’m older, so if Okyere’s character is lively, mine creates the balance by being more serious and focused. Okyere has a strong will and is very ambitious, so he tends to try to do everything whatever the situation is. To be honest, I think it’s nice that there’s no competition between foreigners who work in Korea, so that’s why there are times I go “why does he go hard like that?”. Haha. As we worked together, my competitive side kicked in too and considering how much he worked, I told myself that I should work harder.” It inspired me.  

Two SamTV’s identity

Okyere Not long ago, we talked about about which way to go for ou careers. That’s because it’s nice to do freely what we want, but  we felt there should be something special when you say “TwoSamTV”. What I’m thinking about right now is doing interviews in the name of “TwoSamShow” like a variety program.  It’d be the two of us going to fun spots and joking around. We talked about it and said to ourselves “let’s create a show that can be filled with this or that”.

Hammington We’re still in the experementing phase.  I’m the type to spend time on Youtube and watch steadily people’s reactions in order for me to get the it factor. I think I must do a bit more of research. And I keep thinking about which target we should go for. If we make contents for Korean people, then we must completely put aside viewers from overseas. If we target viewers from overseas then we must put aside Korean viewers. That’s the reason we’re still in the process of defining our target audience.

Youtube’s different charm

Hammington I like how it’s limitless. Because you can really do things in various ways.  Each TV program has a purpose.  As for us, we can do 1-minute videos as well. We can shoot 3 or 4 videos a day just with us facing each other and talking. You can’t do something like that on TV.

Okyere Indeed. You must embody a persona according to the show concept. This allows us to show properly who Sam Hammington and Sam Okyere ae, so I guess it gives a sense of familiarity to those who watch us.

Creators’ goal

Hammington Doing this Youtube channel with foreigners  who live in Korea became an opportunity to show what kind of country Korea is to people who live overseas. And also it can show to Korean people what foreigners think and their culture, so I hope it can build a bridge between Korea and overseas countries.

Okyere Many people know the name Sam. I hope wherever I go, people will go “oh? The Youtube guys?” when they hear the name Sam. I’ll keep working  very hard until many people regardless if they’re from Korea or Gana or anywhere else, can think this way. Internet is a free world, so I honestly believe it can happen.   Like the viewers would say “oh? This ain’t fake. It’s the real deal!”. Please suscribe to “TwoSam TV”!


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