[June 2018 – Vogue] Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung’s collaboration – Interview



Part 1

Right now, she wants to be happy. In interviews, Lee Sung Kyung often says the words “I want to do well”. After being a model, Lee Sung Kyung got the role of Oh So Nyeo in “It’s Okay That’s Love” in 2014, a drama watched and trusted to be good because it was written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Kyu Tae. Now, she rose to the lead actress status. This seems to be a smooth career path, but Lee Sung Kyung is anxious “because I feel like I’m incompetent to be in a high position.” That’s why she’s used to repeat to herself over and over again that she must try her best. “I don’t want to be a nuisance to a project so much people worked hard on. I like this job, so I’m okay with the fact that it’s hard. I just hope the project will do well. I have nothing else to hope for but for people to remember me, and to become a source of comfort according to the situation. If so, I think this will make me a better person.”

In the drama “About Time”, Lee Sung Kyung portrays ensemble musical actress Choi Michaela. In the drama, there are scenes of musical performances, so she sang a few times. “I’m a musicals maniac, so I had a point of references, but watching these veteran actors sing made me feel a big pressure. I’m not good at lipsynching, so I wanted to sing for real and that’s why I kept practicing.” She didn’t choose this role because she likes musicals. “There’s this “heart attack/heart racing” point in the drama as well as in a manhwa or a novel and that’s what I liked. I think I would have thought twice about taking on this role if Choi Michaela was a musicals star. This role is about her going to auditions. My dream is also to become a musical actress at some point, so it was like seeing myself.”

The first musical Lee Sung Kyung saw is “Legally Blonde”. She studied piano and at 18 she debuted as a model. At that time, these two things were her all. In her early 20’s, she saw a musical for the first ime and it changed her life. “My heart was racing, I got goosebumps. The songs kept playing in my mind. I watched “Legally Blonde” videos every single day for 3 or 4 hours. It changed to the songs my little sister who debuted as a musical actress sings in “Wicked”. I sing it all the time. In the past, being a pianist was my only dream, so I didn’t get the opportunity to learn other things. I had to go to college for me to experience new things, to discover new interests such as musicals and to get a new dream.” Lee Sung Kyung is declining offers to be on a musical stage, although she really loves musicals. “My priority is to find projects until I get the public to trust me more than when I began acting. As for musicals, I’m satisfied with just being a fan. I got to experience many things later than peope usually do. Right now I want to watch many movies, I want to go through experiences, learn different sceneries.” Lee Sung Kyung wonders if she’s a better actress now than when she debuted in “It’s Okay That’s Love”. “The more I do it, the more I find it hard. When I shot my first drama, I just dit it. I knew nothing. To describe my acting back then in nice words, it was innocent and raw. I was lucky to meet good people on my first project. The actress I am is just like who these people made me. They’re my savior. I invited them recently to the press conference for the movie “Love + Sling” I was in. It’s my first movie role, so I wanted to show them, even if I’m still lacking.”

Lee Sung Kyung often uploads pictures with her loved ones on her Instagram. She has a whole staff of close unnies. “I worry there’d be misunderstandings because I may look arrogant, because they are pepole I care about and I try to protect. They’re like my family. On my days off, we eat together at my place. When my mom prepares kimchi for winter, I also share some kimchi with them. It’s to the point I have a sense of responsibility telling myself I can’t act rashly and hurt these people who are so precious to me.” Lee Sung Kyung enjoys taking pictures with a film camera. Her subjects are mostly her entourage. “These pictures are moments where they forget to be self-conscious. When I give them as a gifts, they’re all happy. When I went to shoot in Hainan last time, I also took a lot of pictures of the staff. I could do it with my smartphone, but I want to make it special by giving them something they can keep for a long time on film.” Her dream is to live healthy and be the happiest with the ones she loves. Choi Michaela in “About Time” has the ability to see one’s life span, but it’s something she isn’t jealous of at all. “I want to stay true to the happiness I feel right now. More than thinking “I must earn a lot of money and give my parents the opportunity to live in luxury”, I think to myself I must call my parents right away.”

Lee Sung Kyung enjoys talking with her parents in a coffee shop. Ready to spill some secrets. “My family is naturally “a ball of cute lively energy”. Ever since I was a kid, when my father came home from work, my little sister and I said we’d hug him and we ran to him. As I got older, I got to spend less time with my parents. The opportunity to become close again like now is small. After I finished my model activities, I had a few months break before the filming of my first drama starts, I wanted to talk with my mom. When you’re at home, each person is busy with what they do, you start talking and it’s over right away. When we go to a cofee shop, it feels different. My parents used to say the coffee price was too high, so they had never been. Their first time going to a coffee shop was with me. We talk, we debate, we even fight sometimes. It’s actually nice. I even cried a few times in front of my mom. My mom hugged me as she told me “I felt the same way when this happened to me.” I really love the fact that my mom and I are able to cry together now.” Lee Sung Kyung’s other family now are Bboi and Ddoo-Ddoo. Russian blue cats with a lot of aegyo that also enjoy taking walks. With her family, her staff and her cats around her, Lee Sung Kyung’s entourage is packed.


Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com

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  1. juniverse says:

    Hello~ I found your blog and I really enjoyed reading your translations. You’re amazing~ I really wish you also can translate Park Seo Jun’s interview for Esquire a few months ago, it’s hard to find his magazine translation. Thank you so much in advance


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