Internet Musing #7 : ARTLOVER


I haven’t done an internet musing since 2017… So let me share one with you before 2018 ends.

K-Pop has been in and out of my life for the past two years. If it weren’t for Yoon Mirae being active with MFBTY, being active solo, I’m not that sure I’d have even tried to stay up to date. With that said, some artists kept me entertained like Sunmi (her solo career is just perfect so far), G-Idle (they have what it takes to be a big group #isaidwhatisaid). As for male artists, I don’t really pay attention since Taeyang left for the army. Anyway, I’ve been hosting a French podcast about Hallyu for the past year and an half, which got me analyzing my relationship to K-Pop. I think I’m past the group craze back when I started listening to it 12 years ago. I’m really here for solo artists. For the past couple of days, I’ve been listening to ARTLOVER. Her team contacted me. Considering this was a solo act, that intrigued me right away. The classy yet pop visuals also got my attention, but you know the music is really what it is about.

I’m not quite sure of what I was expecting with an EP titled “Queen of Retro”. Anything with a retro vibe already wins for me. It’s hard to mix retro pop with a modern distinctive Korean sound. Except for the Wonder Girls and now Sunmi, I had yet to hear it until I’ve come across ARTLOVER’s music. I had decided to listen to the single “Want U Back” first. It was only the audio because I didn’t want a nice music video to cloud my judgement. After the fourth listening, I got convinced to move to the three other tracks such as “Hakuna Matata”, “Rainlight” and “Get Away”. The production is nice and well-defined. While I’m not a fan of the rap part, I’m really liking the singing part. Although the lyrics aren’t necessarily about happy subjects, the melody just gets to you and doesn’t go away. Sometimes, you just need something light to nod your head to, to lift your spirits up and I think ARTLOVER’s music can do just that.

As I’ve been trying to figure out my goals for 2019, researching ARTLOVER got me realize how awesome it must feel to live your dream. She was a makeup artist but decided to pursue singing. It’s her passion and she’s just going for it. This is the kind of mindset we all should keep to make 2019 as productive and fulfilling as possible.

Instagram : @artlovermusic
Twitter: @artlovermusic

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