Latest update: February 14th 2016

How can I call you?

You can call me Sunny! Nice to meet you. 😀

Can you translate [this interview]?

I don’t take requests. Yes, sometimes, when people I talk to on a regular basis ask me or someone I don’t know just asks me on Twitter/Tumblr about a K-celebrity that I’m interested in, I may accept to do their request, but this isn’t a blog where you can just request translations. However, if you do decide to make a request, make sure to leave a link, so I know exactly which interview you’re asking about.

Can you translate [this video]?

I no longer have time to translate videos (like I did for the first episodes of “Show Me The Money 2” in 2013). I mostly do 5 to 10-minute cuts. If you still want to request a video translation, make sure to leave a link, so I know exactly which interview you’re talking about.


Can I repost this translation?

As of February 2016, I’m kindly asking you to not take out my translations, and I mean any translation posted since the opening of the blog. I tried to make it comfortable for everyone, but people just keep taking my translations without even thank you and they get all the credits for sharing, but I get no credit for translating. From now on, just share links or just don’t share anything at all. Do not make any screencap either. Thank you.

As of July 2015, I’d kindly ask you to not repost the intergrality of my translations. Please only repost direct links OR 2 excerpts [2 answers] at the most with a direct link, just in case someone where you repost my translation might be interested into reading the full version.

Of course, I’d prefer option 1, but I understand the thrill of sharing a translation and comment it with your friends where you post it instead of commenting on my blog. Therefore, option 2 is the compromise between what you want for your forum/community/Tumblr page and what I hope for the Sunny Town.


La parole est à vous

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