[December 2015 – Bling Magazine] Yubin & Heize – Interview

Bling Magazine - Yubin Heize

First of all, I’m curious to hear about how it feels for you to work together. You’re really a good match.

Yubin: I didn’t get to do many magazine covers. I’m really happy. I think working with Heize made the photo shoot even better.
Heize: It’s just amazing. The fact that I was a reader just two months ago, and now we’re on the cover. I mean, I get to be on the cover and with Yubin-unnie.

Compliment each other in a warm-hearted way.

Yubin: First of all, Heize is really pretty. I like the fact she’s always in a bright mood. “Unpretty Rapstar 2” made me find a good friend.
Heize: Here’s what I’ve been thinking these days. I always say this to the people around me, but I want to become someone like Yubin-unnie. Let alone her looks, I want to have a personality like hers. As we filmed “Unpretty Rapstar 2”, I fell for her.

To be honest, the two of you aren’t “unpretty”.

Yubin: It’s because the “Unpretty” of the show title means “not to pretend to act pretty”. When I was doing activities as a girl group member, I try my best to look pretty, but it wasn’t like that with “Unpretty Rapstar 2”, so it was nice. Aside from the fact that it was a constant competition, it was a program that really matched my personality.
Heize: No. I’m “unpretty”. (smiles) To be honest, it’s not my type either to pretend to act pretty.

Yubin, you went from being the member of a girl group to be a rapper everyone knows, Heize, you’ve become a star that everyone knows now.

Yubin: To be honest, people recognize me more. I’m usually plain when I walk around, so people didn’t recognize me that much. I’m thankful toward the people who really like me a lot. It was the first time I did a program alone and not with Wonder Girls, so I’m even more thankful.
Heize: I realize it. It’s exciting. I don’t know why they want to take pictures with me, why they want my autograph. The fact itself that they like me makes me happy.

I think there’s a difference with this image and the woman you are in real life.

Yubin: I don’t know. I’m not feminine, but I have a lot of aegyo. I enjoy playing the baby. (smiles)
Heize: I’m like what you see. I’m easygoing. I never have this “strong” image. It’s something the show writers asked of me. (smiles)

The process of writing lyrics and preparing the performance was very short. Did you usually use already written lyrics for reference?

Yubin: It happened that I used lyrics I had already written, but I prefer writing my lyrics when I listen to the track. It all depe,ds. It happened that I had an idea the day before and wrote it down. It was hard because there was little time to memorize the lyrics.
Heize: During recording, I kept listening to the song. I always wrote new lyrics. That’s why I wonder if this isn’t what made my lyrics have no depth. I would have written better lyrics if we had been given more time. Writing something good is idealistic. Going on broadcast with less preparation, it’s very unfortunate that this is what will remain forever.

It seems that every “Unpretty Rapstar 2” contestant, the two of you included, have a strong mindset.

Yubin: To be honest, for things like the diss battle, I think about the “show” element. Because we all got along, I didn’t have it in mind. On the contrary, it gave me more stress about writing and memorizing my lyrics because I usually take a long time to prepare my performance, but I didn’t have time to do so here.
Heize: I think enduring something is possible with a strong “mindset”. It was even harder for the girls younger than me.

You probably had quite a competitive spirit.

Yubin: I did think I definitely wanted to win.
Heize: I’m not competitive. I received indications from the show producers. Sometimes, they asked me to say “I want to win”. (smiles)

The most memorable mission?

Yubin: I worried a lot at first. I think I improved a lot. People around me also supported me. I got to challenge myself on a stage of the field I wanted to try to work in properly. I learned a lot, especially with YDG. This stage made me figure out for sure how I wanted to make my performance.
Heize: The diss mission was the worst. (smiles) I liked the performance with YDG for “Bandolier” so much that I still think about it every day. Thinking about it makes me feel good.

Is there an artist you’d like to work with?

Yubin: I’ve been thinking lately that I’d like to work with R&B singers. Like Babylon or Dean. If the opportunity comes, I want to try to show a cool collab.
Heize: For me, it’s Dok2! I wonder if I won’t get to work with him soon.

How long have you been wanting to be a rapstar?

Yubin: I wrote my first rap lyrics when I was a trainee. I was about 19 at that time? I can’t remember clearly what I wrote, but I remember searching in the dictionary and really trying to match the beat.
Heize: I knew hip-hop was a “strong” music. When I was in middle school, I downloaded freestyle songs through minihompy and I rapped on lyrical piano melodies. Back then, I thought the lyrics I wrote were so original, when I think about it now, they made no sense. (smiles)

How about your dancing skills?

Yubin: There’s a big difference with a performance when the choreography is prepared. I need complete different gestures. I watched videos and practiced by looking at myself in the mirror while trying not to be awkward. It was really difficult at first, but it has become more natural now.
Heize: My dance is the worst. (smiles) When I start dancing, everybody starts laughing. I think unconscious gestures match my rap in the right way.

It seems that you cared about your styling for the show.

Yubin: It’s not like I know very well the brands or that I enjoy shopping. I like clothes with a nice design and that fit me. I tried to wear outfits matching the music and the stage. When I’m overseas, I walk around and buy things that catch my attention and I also do internet shopping.
Heize: I’m really interested in fashion. I’m a hat lover. I totally want to buy the beanie I’m wearing. (smiles) I just usually wore my regular clothes, so there was no special styling.

Yubin, your lyrics content was really high-leveled.

Yubin: I didn’t ask my agency. I wanted to talk about stuff that wasn’t too obvious/explicit, about stuff no one but me could talk about. It seems that the members were a bit surprised/shocked too, but they actually supported me by saying they could feel my own style.
Heize: I think you’re so cool. I love you!

You both have amazing bodies. I’m curious to hear about the efforts you do.

Yubin: I can’t really do it these days, but I’m constantly exercising. I think exercising makes me able to keep a positive mindset. It’s like going through changes. And it makes me come up with various ideas too.
Heize: To be honest, I have almost not exercised for two months. Before that, I received personal training. I exercised for two hours every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In conclusion, let’s talk about which image you will show in the future.

Yubin: I want to keep going with this current vibe. Even if it’s not for a solo album, I want to collaborate with many artists. Thanks to “Bling”, I hope I will have more opportunities to meet you all. “Unpretty Rapstar 2” is now over, but the activities of “rapstar” Yubin won’t stop. Please look out for me.
Heize: I won’t miss out on good opportunities and I will challenge myself in different fields. Of course, I should start working on my album, right? I think now is not the time for me to take a break and have fun. If I’m offered the opportunity, I want to shoot a coffee CF because I’m a “coffee mania”. (smiles) Through “Bling”, I should create more occasions to greet all of you, right?

Bling Magazine
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