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[September 2016 – Marie Claire] Lee Joon Gi – Inexorably – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT. DO NOT SCREENCAP. It’s another fantasy sageuk. It’s a sageuk, but there are many aspects different from my previous projects. Various characters appear in “Scarlet Heart”. … Continue reading

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[September 2016 – Allure] Suzy – Scent of an attractive woman – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT. DO NOT SCREENCAP. As I watched No Eul in “Uncontrollably Fond”, I felt an overlap with So Yeon from the movie “Architecture 101”. These characters have … Continue reading

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[June 2016 – Grazia] Lee Sung Kyung – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT. DO NOT SCREENCAP. I was a bit worried until I came to the set. I wondered if it was okay to call you “Sung Kyung-ah” like … Continue reading

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[August 2016 – Grazia] Suzy – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT DO NOT SCREENCAP. What did you think about today’s photo shoot? There are days when everything is just perfect. Today was one of these days. The … Continue reading

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Internet Musing #3 : Edward Zo

Disclaimer: pictures and gifs are not mine. So, Edward Zo. I first heard about him because of his Youtube video in which he called out Hollywood on its racism. Someone … Continue reading

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[Août 2016 – GQ] Wonder Girls – Yubin – Interview

Votre dernière rencontre avec GQ remonte à 8 ans. Vous vous en rappelez ? Bien sûr ! Nous avons fait des photos où nous sommes accrochées à des chaînes, il … Continue reading

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[August 2016 – Instyle] “W” Han Hyo Joo – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT DO NOT SCREENCAP Every clothe you were today was white. Do you like white? Hm… I think I liked it. In the past, I liked achromatic … Continue reading

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[Août 2016 – GQ] Wonder Girls – Ye Eun– Interview

Vous êtes belle. Ah, merci. Je m’en suis rendu compte surtout pendant la séance-photo, mais vous avez un regard magnifique. Vous regardez la caméra comme si vous fixiez quelqu’un. Beaucoup … Continue reading

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[Août 2016 – GQ] Wonder Girls – Sunmi – Interview

J’ai acheté la version vinyle de “To The Beautiful You”. Vraiment ? C’est mignon, non ? Il y a eu tellement de hauts et de bas pour arriver à cette … Continue reading

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[August 2016 – Grazia] “Show Me The Money” isn’t a music program – Interview

“Show Me The Money 5″‘s Choi Hyo Jin PD and writer Lee Jung Hee discuss the show back story. And their favorite performances. I couldn’t imagine that the main PD … Continue reading

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