[September 2017 – YG Stage] Nam Joo Hyuk, behind the scenes

01. What do you drink when you’re at a coffee shop? Orange juice, but sometimes I drink an Ice Americano. 02. What do you when you’re in the waiting room? Sometimes I sleep when I’m tired, I usually read a scenario or listen to music. 03. Recommend just one song of your phone music playlist….

[March 2017 – Elle] Nam Joo Hyuk – Midnight in LA – Interview

DO NOT TAKE OUT DO NOT COPY PASTE IT DO NOT SCREENCAP It’s probably tiring to talk about yourself, so let’s try to talk about people you like. Not long ago, you uploaded on Instagram a picture of James McAvoy in his brilliant madness. It was a scene from his movie “Filth” released in 2013….

[July 2016 – Elle] Nam Joo Hyuk – Interview

Do not take out. Do not screencap.   You’re 23. Considering your age, you have a baby face. That’s why I want time to fly by. I’m curious to see what I will look in five, ten years. So you were born in Busan and you moved to Suwon when you were in middle school?…

[Roundup] Nam Joo Hyuk talks about “School 2015”

So I will only focus on the answers because yes, I admit it, I’m too lazy to translate each sentence of description. I’ll give you the context when it’s necessary. Newsen interview published on June 29th About how high school students roles are still more comfortable for him “If I get offered roles at the…

[20150627] Nam Joo Hyuk – Starnews Interview

Apparently, Nam Joo Hyuk had a bunch of interviews these past few days. I don’t think they were translated, but let me know if you’d like to have a roundup, but here’s his Starnews interview meanwhile… And there are spoilers about the ending. – How do you feel now that “Who Are You – School…

[December 2013 – Cuvism] Nam Joo Hyuk – Interview [2/2]

The lifestyle of Nam Joo Hyuk who is slam dunking toward his goals What do you usually do on a daily basis? All my close friends from my neighborhood live next to school. I’m the only one who lives a bit far. Going out is annoying, so I mostly stay at home all by myself….

[December 2013 – Cuvism] Nam Joo Hyuk – Interview [1/2]

Meeting and talking with other people is my professional mission, so I’m trying not to give too much meaning to one person’s personality, but the afterimage that some of them whose great achievement discovered through an unexpected way can last long. Once the interview was over, I went to the editing department and I complimented…